Parkinson’s Disease – Do you know what to watch for?

Senior Holding One Hand Steady with Other Hand

According to the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, the five most chronic diseases afflicting the elderly are adult onset diabetes, arthritis, kidney/bladder problems, dementia and Parkinson’s disease. Though we are all familiar with many of the warning signs of the top four diseases, Parkinson’s, in many cases, remains a mystery. What are the symptoms and what warning signs should you

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Prevent Elder Fraud by Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Mailbox Overflowing with Mail

Elder Fraud is a 36 Billion Dollar Problem Thieving fraudsters are making a business of taking advantage of older adults. Almost 4 in 10 seniors are affected, losing over $36 billion each year to financial abuse.And this isn’t only happening to the very old or those with Alzheimer’s or dementia – younger, more educated seniors are actually losing more money. Did you know that the amount

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How Online Thieves Can Steal Your Credit Card Information

Senior Man Sitting at a Computer and Covering his Eyes with his Hands

BY JENNIFER STERN Do you avoid online shopping to avoid identity theft? Do you feel safer shopping at traditional brick-and-mortar stores than you do online? Even if you have never shopped online, used email or browse the Internet at a public computer, you may still be at risk for identity or credit card theft. Those chip-enabled credit cards in your wallet

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Seniors Guide to Fighting Fraud

Cartoon Image Of Con Man Talking To Senior on the Phone While Stealing Cash from the Older Man's Pocket

The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office provides this guide to help alert you to the dangers of consumer fraud directed at older people. Awareness is the most effective way to attack this problem. This guide will inform you about the common scams aimed at seniors and the steps you can take to thwart the swindlers. Fast Facts on Fraud Telemarketing fraud

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High Tech Tool Helps People and Families Coping With Dementia

Senior Man and Daughter Using a Tablet Together

High Tech Tool Helps People and Families Coping With Dementia The Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging has launched a new program that allows early-stage dementia patients to participate in their own care planning, potentially easing the burden for both the person with dementia and their concerned family members. Known as SHARE, the program outlines a care plan for loved ones to follow as the condition

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Debunking Common Assisted Living Misconceptions

Senior Women Holding Hands While Sitting ON a Bench Swing

Assisted living can be a feasible option for many families. It gives seniors the opportunity to live their lives as independently as possible in a safe and caring environment, which makes a positive impact on well being. But often families hesitate to explore assisted living as an option for their loved ones, based on assumptions about what assisted living means. In

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How To Help Alzheimer’s Patients Enjoy Life, Not Just ‘Fade Away’

Senior Woman Holding a Spade and a Flower Ready To be Planted

How To Help Alzheimer’s Patients Enjoy Life, Not Just ‘Fade Away’ By Judith Graham Alzheimer’s disease has an unusual distinction: It’s the illness that Americans fear most — more than cancer, stroke or heart disease. The rhetoric surrounding Alzheimer’s reflects this. People “fade away” and are tragically “robbed of their identities” as this incurable condition progresses, we’re told time and again. Yet, a

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How to Communicate Effectively with Older Adults

Young Woman, Older Man, And Senior Woman Having a Conversation

Effectively Communicating with Older Adults: Expert Advice Abounds Many adult children have experienced this paradox: At the very time they need to communicate with their aging parent about important issues in their life, the older person begins experiencing impediments that make communication difficult. Many times, it’s a medical problem—i.e., recovery from a stroke, cognitive impairment, diminished hearing or eyesight. Other

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Theresa Guelzow, Hero Award Winner

Theresa Guelzow Holding Her Hero Award

Theresa Guelzow, Hero Award Winner Tell us about a specific time when the nominee went above and beyond day-to-day responsibilities and demonstrated an exceptional commitment to residents. One example of Theresa’s dedication to our residents occurred in July of 2018 when our community was forced to partially evacuate our residents due to an explosion that occurred down the road from

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5 Ways to Stop Senior Citizen Scams

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, launched 13 years ago by the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and the United Nations. It’s purpose: to remind the world of the need to protect every senior citizen from physical, emotional, financial, and even sexual abuse. According to the National Council on Aging, 1 in 10 Americans age 60

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