Keeping Loved Ones Safe from Elder Financial Abuse

Losing money to scams and fraud is disheartening for anyone. Unfortunately, millions of aging adults experience financial abuse each year. This exploitation strips aging adults of their dignity, trust, and independence, so it’s important for family members to help when they can.  Often, elder financial abuse can slip under the radar. People often focus on managing finances before retirement, but

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How to Communicate with Your Loved One with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease, one of the most common types of dementia, affects people’s memories and communication abilities, and unfortunately, thousands of people in the United States are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s every year. Because of this, many people are left to figure out how to communicate with their loved ones as their symptoms develop. Thankfully, there are helpful strategies that family members

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5 Tips to Help Your Aging Parent with Finances

Mother and Daughter Looking at Paperwork

Managing finances can become more difficult as we age, which is why our parents and other loved ones may eventually need a helping hand. This conversation requires both a gentle approach and a plan. When helping or taking over your aging loved ones’ finances, the goal is all about avoiding any potential issues. Whether it’s tackling bills, protecting them from

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The Therapeutic Benefits of a Pet Companion

Dog Sitting Next to Senior

As your loved ones age, there are many things to consider. Is it time for them to join an independent or assisted living community? Where does your loved one find socialization and community? How can you help them improve their life?  You may be surprised at one of the most common things that gets prescribed for aging parents: animals. Aging

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How to Help Your Loved One Downsize for Their Move

Woman Sitting On Couch Surrounded by Packing Boxes

The move to assisted living can be a big adjustment for seniors, though often necessary for their health and well-being. Once your loved one has made the decision to move to assisted living, they will most likely need to downsize for their move. Helping them sort through their furniture and belongings will make the transition to assisted living that much

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How to Provide a Supportive Living Space for Those with Alzheimer’s

Woman Sitting in a Chair Looking out a Window

Families who are caring for a loved one who is developing Alzheimer’s disease often pursue a transition into a memory care community. There are many details caregivers must consider when preparing a loved one’s home environment, ensuring it’s supportive and safe for this new way of life. Over time, as Alzheimer’s progresses, a senior’s cognitive abilities decline, which is why

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What Makes a Quality Assisted Living Community?

Holding Hands

When looking for an assisted living community, either for yourself or your loved one, you want to find the best possible environment. This is a big move that will lead to a new and exciting chapter of your life. Alleviating a lot of these worries comes down to researching and deciding whether or not a particular assisted living community is

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Guiding a Loved One Toward Assisted Living

Young Woman With Arm Around Senior Woman

You and your loved one will consider numerous details when selecting the best assisted living community for their unique needs. While choosing the right path for your loved one’s future can be challenging, there are many benefits to each type of alternative care offering. If you think an assisted living community would benefit your loved one, the experts here at

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How Routines and Structure Helps Those Living with Dementia or Alzheimer's

Woman Holding Small Dog

Alzheimer’s or another form of a dementia diagnosis can be devastating, with uncertainty about you or your loved one’s future. Whether it’s the fear of the unknown, worry about the loss of independence, or concern with how much control one may have going forward — there are ways to help and make life easier for someone struggling with any form

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Speaking with your loved ones about care options

Talking to Aging Parents About Options from ASHA on Vimeo. “Most older people don’t want to live with their kids. They don’t want to be asked because they don’t want to have to say no.” Dick Edwards, Retired Mayo Clinic Eldercare Specialist and author of “Mom, Dad… Can We Talk?”. Talking with your loved ones about care options can be

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