How to Communicate With a Parent with Dementia

Knowing how to help a parent with Dementia can be mentally and emotionally challenging, understandably so. As the illness progresses, their communication abilities will gradually change as the illness progresses. You may find that as the condition worsens, you’ll have to initiate conversations to get them to communicate at all.  Still, it’s important to try to find ways to connect

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What Causes Memory Loss and Forgetfulness?

Whether you’ve lost your cell phone or forgot to call someone back, it’s likely that you’ve experienced a bout of short-term memory loss. It’s common for people of all ages to experience minor lapses in memory. Once a person reaches a certain age, what was once a casual case of forgetfulness can be a symptom of a more serious issue

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5 Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

Senior Man and Dog Playing in the Snow

The winter months are a great time to get together with family, spend time out in the snow, and participate in various holiday activities. That being said, it can also be a tricky time for the elderly to get around safely. Don’t fret – we’ve come up with a few ideas to keep everyone safe and happy this holiday season. Avoid

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Understanding the Most Common Types of Dementia

Folded Hands Over Incomplete Puzzle of a Human Head

As a syndrome that causes memory loss due to severe changes in the brain, Dementia is heartbreaking for everyone involved. If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, their thinking and behavior can also be affected. Various treatments, such as medications and therapies, can help ease the symptoms of dementia. Depending on the type of dementia, your loved one’s

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Memory Care Packing Checklist

If a family member or a loved one has dementia or other cognitive impairments, there are certainly challenges involved. A memory care community can improve not only the senior’s quality of life, but that of their family and friends as well. Thorough planning for the move to a memory care community is key to ensuring a smooth, stress-free, and comfortable

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Easy & Creative Hobbies for Seniors

After retirement, it’s common for seniors to realize they have a lot more time on their hands than they’re used to. While a lot of seniors already know what they want to do with their free time, others might feel a bit awkward, unsure how to fill the time that used to be spent working, raising children, and handling their

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Companion Suites Lessen Loneliness

Senior Women Holding Hands While Sitting ON a Bench Swing

When New Perspective team members are working with families seeking a new home for an aging loved one, many people are surprised to learn about companion suite options. In this arrangement, one resident shares an apartment and its costs with another resident. This setup has several benefits and can help a loved one thrive in their golden years. Addressing Loneliness

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How a Healthy Diet Supports Memory & Brain Health in Seniors

As bodies age, bones get weaker, muscles lose flexibility, and short-term memory can falter. Many people implement preventative practices to keep their minds and bodies strong. Certain actions have been proven to help support memory, including implementing routines and structure, staying active, and maintaining a healthy diet.  Whether you want to improve your own brain health or support an aging

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