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Health & Wellness

A New Perspective North Shore Success Story!

Posted in Health & Wellness, Living Life on Purpose ® on October 7, 2020

When Harriet first moved into New Perspective North Shore in March of this year, she was wearing three different braces to help support her head. In February, Harriet had been diagnosed with two deteriorating discs in her neck, which also affected the nerves in her arms and legs. Now, she feels stronger than ever with the help of Emily and Julie on the FOX Rehabilitation team at our community. We're happy to see you doing Read More »

The Power of Touch

Posted in Health & Wellness on October 2, 2019

Whether we are a newborn infant, a petulant teenager, an overwhelmed new mother or an aging senior citizen, the power of touch can produce miraculous results. With a simple touch, we can express love, support, gratitude, sympathy, and trust. A simple gesture of holding hands, patting shoulders and giving hugs can make all the difference in the world.  Sight can be shut off by closing our eyes, we can plug our ears to block out Read More »

Making Good Diet Choices

Posted in Health & Wellness, Lifestyle on October 2, 2019

With all the diet and nutritional ads in the media these days, it’s difficult to know just exactly what you should and should not be eating to stay healthy.  Lining the grocery shelves are labels screaming gluten free, diary free, nut free, soy free, grain free …  all touting their individual benefits.  Just how do you decide what is right for you? The National Council on Aging has some great advice for maintaining a nutritious Read More »

Finding New Hobbies

Posted in Health & Wellness, Lifestyle on October 2, 2019

Any parent of a child who is stuck indoors during a rainy day knows the continual complaint “what’s there to do!” For those of us who enjoy crafty hobbies, we are equally as familiar with the pleads from our family and friends – “please, no more doilies!”  While the joy of exploring our hobbies can sometimes last a lifetime, there are often stages of our life where we search for new ideas and new adventures. Read More »

Walking to Wake Up the Brain

Posted in Brain Health, Lifestyle on October 2, 2019

Remember in elementary school when kids got to choose who would be on their teams for sports?  I wasn’t high on anyone’s list, thanks to my limited athletic ability.  But there is one activity almost anyone can excel in—walking.  In an earlier post (Moving More in 2014) we noted that even 20 minutes of walking can benefit your brain.  But, baby it’s cold outside and at the rate we’re going here in Minnesota, we won’t Read More »

Staying Safe This Winter

Posted in Health & Wellness, Lifestyle on October 2, 2019

The winter months are a great time to get together with family, spend time out in the snow, and participate in various holiday activities. That being said, it can also be a tricky time for the elderly to get around safely. Don’t fret – we’ve come up with a few ideas to keep everyone safe and happy this holiday season. Avoid icy terrains Be it in your car or on foot, ice is one of the Read More »

Using Music to Exercise

Posted in Brain Health on October 2, 2019

We all know we need to exercise—but can music really help?  Well, humans love rhythm.  We tap our toes, and nod our head to the beat.  Even toddlers will waddle to the rhythm. And if we add music to exercise, the brain benefits, along with the heart. When researchers at Ohio State University added music to exercise, the participants who exercised to music performed more than twice as well on verbal fluency tests than those who exercised without Read More »

Making the Most of Your Memory

Posted in Brain Health on October 2, 2019

Do you remember those Reader’s Digest articles, “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power”?  Well, the word of the day when it comes to Brain Fitness is: neuroplasticity.  It simply means that your brain can create, change and strengthen neural connections—and it can do that even as we age.  But just like a regular muscle, if you don’t work it, it doesn’t get stronger.  Have you ever seen an atrophied arm or leg muscle right after the Read More »

A Life Worth Living

Posted in Brain Health on October 2, 2019

I have seen people write about ending it all when it comes to a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. They assume they know what it will be like to deteriorate in terms of their own self -awareness and personality. Such is the case in the movie, Still Alice. A college professor diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, Alice desires to live “in the moment” as her disease progresses, and yet, there is a point beyond which she does not wish Read More »

Can Interactive Technology Help Seniors Engage?

Posted in Brain Health, Technology & Innovation on October 2, 2019

Who says seniors can’t use the computer? Today, interactive technology is transforming how memory care and assisted living communities are engaging their residents. Using new technology, residents in memory care and assisted living communities are able to play games, video chat with their loved ones, look at family photos, exercise, enjoy singalongs, and far more. Technology at New Perspective New Perspective Senior Living (NPSL) is utilizing a solution called “It’s Never 2 Late” (iN2L) to further engage residents within the communities Read More »