Border Battle: A Longstanding Football Tradition at New Perspective in Faribault

Resident and team member pictured in Vikings and Packers apparel

February may be home to the biggest sporting event of the year, but at New Perspective in Faribault, there’s a faceoff that a resident and team member especially look forward to. For longer than they can recall, team member Melissa Block and resident Arlene Hein have been locked in a border battle. Melissa is a loyal Minnesota Vikings fan. Arlene

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Living Life on Purpose: John Shier’s Story

New Perspective Living Life on Purpose

People often enter their senior years with the mindset that life is winding down. At New Perspective, we challenge that notion by helping people live life on purpose. Throughout our communities, our residents are uncovering how great the golden years can be. John Shier of our Howard, Wisconsin, community is a great example of someone who knows what it means

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New Perspective Donates Masks to Family Clinics in Kenya

New Perspective teamed up with Minneapolis-based HealthStore Foundation to provide face masks for family clinics throughout Kenya and broader Africa. HealthStore Foundation operates Child and Family Wellness (CFW) Clinics, which not only provide accessible medical treatment in rural areas, but also training and support to run successful clinics and provide stable jobs for local community members. Mary Sitaka, a nurse

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Unexpected Generosity in Unprecedented Times

By Colette Cleary, Sales Director at New Perspective North Shore Since March, I have been shopping at a local Dollar Tree every few weeks to keep the community’s Country Store fully stocked and recently experienced something very special. I got to checkout with my cart stacked high. The cashier, Michelle, and I chatted as she scanned each item. Halfway through

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New Perspective Faribault hosts a Mother’s Day parade to honor resident mothers

This Mother’s Day, we weren’t able to celebrate mom as we have in the past. New Perspective Faribault, like several of our communities, hosted a socially distant Mother’s Day parade to celebrate our resident mothers, grandmothers, and even great grandmothers. Families drove around the community blaring horns, playing music, and holding signs to show their loved ones how much they

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New Perspective Silvis Resident and US Navy Veteran celebrates 95th birthday with parade

John, US Navy Veteran and resident of New Perspective Silvis, had a wonderful 95th birthday celebration Saturday, March 28th — social distancing style. Thank you to everyone who helped make this day so special! See below for news coverage of this spectacular celebration. “Navy Veteran celebrates 95th birthday with parade” by   “Community hosts surprise parade in Silvis for 95-year-old’s

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