Betty’s Story

Betty is our inspiration to help 10,000 seniors live life on purpose by 2025.

Living Life on Purpose®


My mother-in-law, Betty, lived a full, vibrant life dedicated to helping others. After serving with distinction in the Women’s Army Corps during World War II, she became the sole supporter for her family after a car accident left her husband disabled. To make ends meet, she worked two jobs while caring for four children. Through her circumstances, Betty developed an independent spirit that carried her through all of her life experiences.

Years later, as a widow living alone, Betty developed Alzheimer’s. While she learned to cope with the early stages of the disease, it was clear that as her condition advanced, she was struggling to maintain her strong, independent spirit.

Betty's Life Timeline
Betty With her Daughter

New Perspective is Born

Over the seven years that Betty lived with us, we learned to find personal ways to keep her secure, yet socially involved. Feeling like she was home, and not just visiting. We recalibrated what we did as a family to create a culture that protected her dignity while encouraging her independence. Ultimately it was Betty’s life and character that helped to frame what New Perspective is all about today. To help seniors live life on purpose and to age successfully.

So, as you walk through our communities and you happen to hear someone say, “What’s best for Betty?” you’ll know that it is our way of continually focusing everything we do towards the best interests of our residents. To help each resident live life on purpose, each moment of each day.

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