6 Senior Living Safety Features That Help You Feel Secure

Female Caregiver with female senior

Choosing a senior living community that is both safe and supportive as well as welcoming and vibrant is probably high on your list for yourself, or for a loved one. You want to find the right community that has everything in place to help keep residents as happy and healthy as possible.  That’s what makes a senior living community like

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How Daily Routines Help Dementia & Alzheimer’s Patients

Woman Holding Small Dog

Alzheimer’s or another form of a dementia diagnosis can be devastating, with uncertainty about you or your loved one’s future. Whether it’s the fear of the unknown, worry about the loss of independence, or concern with how much control one may have going forward — there are ways to help and make life easier for someone struggling with any form

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When Is It Time to Move a Parent Into Assisted Living?

Man Helping Elderly man With a Walker

One of the hardest decisions we will ever make is deciding if, and when, moving to a senior community (assisted living or nursing home) is necessary. This is especially true when we are making this decision for our parents or loved ones. Not so long ago, the term ‘nursing home’ was synonymous with ‘old folks’ home’. It triggered fears of abuse, neglect,

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Border Battle: A Longstanding Football Tradition at New Perspective in Faribault

Resident and team member pictured in Vikings and Packers apparel

February may be home to the biggest sporting event of the year, but at New Perspective in Faribault, there’s a faceoff that a resident and team member especially look forward to. For longer than they can recall, team member Melissa Block and resident Arlene Hein have been locked in a border battle. Melissa is a loyal Minnesota Vikings fan. Arlene

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Understanding the Cost of Long-Term Care

Seven out of every ten seniors will need long-term care at some point during their lifetime. What does that mean in terms of cost? And is it more economical to opt for care at home, versus care at a senior living community? It’s a debate that can keep you up at night. But understanding what is included in the cost

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