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Live well with New Perspective Independent Living

Independent Living at New Perspective allows you to relax, enjoy yourself, and live life on purpose, free from the daily chores and maintenance of home upkeep. If you’re looking for a vibrant, welcoming community where you can socialize with like-minded people while retaining your independence, New Perspective is the place for you. You can choose how much you want to cook or clean – or let us do all of that for you – as you enjoy the many amenities our communities have to offer. At New Perspective, there are a variety ways to stay active and socially connected, so you can join in the activities that appeal to you:

Stay Active

We offer many ways to keep fit, from exercise classes and clubs to activities designed for those with limited mobility. Whether you prefer walking, yoga, dancing, low-impact exercise — or all of the above — there’s a group for you.

Be Social

At New Perspective, your social calendar fills with outings, guest speakers, art classes, book clubs, movie nights, music, happy hours and more. We make it easy to get involved.

Benefits of Independent Living at New Perspective

We do the yard work. You Play.

Don’t worry about cutting grass, fixing the roof, raking the leaves, or shoveling the driveway.

Housekeeping, at your service.

You decide how much, if any, you’d like to clean.

Dine in or out. Cooking is optional.

Not interested in cooking? You’ll enjoy dining with friends with choices that meet any taste.

We don't believe in “old folks homes.”

New Perspective communities offer affordable choices for seniors who enjoy an active, purposeful lifestyle in a friendly, vibrant community with services ranging from housekeeping to transportation, concierge to on-site dining, fitness to nutrition, plus all levels of care including Independent Living. We’re located throughout the Midwest, in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

“Living here has been a true blessing. Had I only known how much it would enhance my life to be around others more, I’d have moved a lot sooner.”

Linda Johnson, Resident

Supporting and encouraging Independent Living

Independent living is the perfect choice for seniors looking to spend their time in a vibrant, social community. In this environment, individuals can escape the burden of home maintenance, upkeep, and daily chores. Continue to live how you like but with more freedom in an environment with like-minded, active seniors. Independent living lets you do what you want to do—not what you have to do. This lifestyle choice is designed for older adults who don’t require much daily assistance but do want to enjoy a vibrant social community free of the hassles of chores and home upkeep. Independent living communities typically include apartments, townhouses or even single-family homes.