Is an Independent Living Community the Right Choice for You?

Are you ready to remove the hassle of lawn care, home maintenance, and daily chores? If your answer is yes, it may be time to consider moving into an independent living community. An independent living community can be a new home that offers much-needed freedom and plenty of social activities while eliminating the burden of everyday tasks. You’re not alone.

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How Independent is an Independent Living Community?

There comes a time when aging adults no longer want the responsibilities of lawn care, household chores, and upkeep. When many reach this point, the conversation regarding an independent or assisted living community begins. But what is the difference between the two, and how much freedom will you have at an independent living community? By moving into an independent living

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How to Determine if Assisted Living Would Be Helpful for Your Loved One

As we age, choosing to move into assisted living can be very beneficial as these communities offer around the clock care, services, amenities, and activities to help improve an aging individual’s quality of life. Many aging adults want to continue living independently and caring for themselves. However, moving into assisted living will make life easier and allow your loved one

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How to Start the Difficult Conversation About Assisted Living

Starting the conversation with your parent or loved one about senior care options can be emotional and difficult. Unfortunately, there’s not necessarily a universal sign for when it’s the right time — which can make the discussion even more challenging. There are, however, some signals that may point towards senior living as a viable and preferable alternative to living alone.

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Dr. Odom on the Benefits of the COVID-19 Vaccine

Dr. Odom – Benefits of the Vaccine from New Perspective on Vimeo. Learn more about the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine from our friend and partner, Dr. John Odom. Dr. Odom founded Odom Health & Wellness in 2006 to help people live life to their fullest potential. He has been practicing medicine in the Twin Cities for over 20 years

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Voices United Winner is…

Click on the image above to see who won the $500 Prize Drawing for submitting an “I’m getting the vaccine because..” selfie. Thanks again to everyone who submitted a video!

PB&J Chicken Wings with Michael Davis on Paula Sands Live in the Quad Cities

Michael Davis, Culinary Services Director at New Perspective Franklin, made an appearance on Paula Sands Live to share his delicious and unique Thai Chicken Wings with Berry Drizzle (PB&J Wings) recipe. If you’re looking for comfort food to help fight off the winter blues, be sure to try this out! Watch the interview and get the full recipe.

Living Life | Meet Michelle

Michelle knew that she needed to keep her mom safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and began her search for a senior living community. When she visited New Perspective, she knew her mom would feel right at home.

Living Life | Meet Dan

After his wife passed away, Dan knew he would need more help with everyday activities and staying social, so he and his family looked into senior living options. New Perspective had everything they were hoping for.

Living Life | Meet Pat

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States, Pat became nervous that her mother was in senior living. New Perspective showed her that she had nothing to worry about.