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10 Questions You Should Ask a Potential Assisted Living Facility

Posted in Senior Living 101 on November 30, 2020

There are so many considerations to make when choosing the right assisted living community for you or your loved one. It can be difficult, as choosing the right path for the future comes with many questions and concerns. When you or an aging loved one can no longer live on their own, it may be time to look at assisted living options that best suit their needs. These differ from independent living in many ways, Read More »

Updated Guidance on Face Masks from the CDC

Posted in News on November 20, 2020

Fox News reports that the CDC has expanded on their previous stance on mask wearing. Their original guidance focused on the benefit of wearing masks for those around the mask wearer—they have now updated this, saying that it is also a benefit to the person wearing a mask: "The CDC said early research supports community masking to lower virus spread, particularly when it’s estimated that more than half of transmissions stem from asymptomatic people. The Read More »

How Routines and Structure Helps Those Living with Dementia or Alzheimer's

Posted in Caregiving on November 16, 2020

Alzheimer's or another form of a dementia diagnosis can be devastating, with uncertainty about you or your loved one's future. Whether it's the fear of the unknown, worry about the loss of independence, or concern with how much control one may have going forward — there are ways to help and make life easier for someone struggling with any form of dementia. What is Dementia? Dementia and Alzheimer's often get thrown around interchangeably, and there's Read More »

Why a Social Community is a Must for Seniors

Posted in Lifestyle, Senior Living 101 on November 11, 2020

We all know the benefit of aging adults staying physically active, like assisting with chronic pain, helping recover from an injury, improving emotional well-being, and even delaying or preventing some illnesses. So, why do so many independent living communities and assisted living facilities place such a significant focus on social activities? Well, humans are social beings, and just because we age doesn't mean we stop requiring connections. These relationships can have a significant impact on Read More »

Bourbon Brat Kabobs Recipe

Posted in News from New Perspective, Recipes on October 23, 2020

We might not be able to tailgate as we used to, but that doesn't mean we have to miss out on the fun! Chef Troy Benedict, Culinary Services Director at New Perspective Waconia, shares his Bourbon Brat recipe—perfect for a virtual tailgate—with KARE 11. Watch this video on Facebook or visit KARE 11's website for the full recipe!

Independent vs. Assisted Living

Posted in Senior Living 101 on October 20, 2020

Exploring new living arrangements for yourself or aging loved one can be a bit overwhelming. You want what's best — which means you're likely searching high and low to discover the best possible fit. You're likely going to run into various types of senior care options, housing, and living situations that you may not fully understand. We're going to help you on this difficult journey, guiding you through the differences between independent living and assisted Read More »

Kim's Story

Posted in Living Life on Purpose ® on October 20, 2020

Kim began to notice that her mother, Nancy, had become more forgetful and her kind heart made her an easy target for scammers. Kim was nervous about moving her mom into senior living during the pandemic, but soon realized she was much safer there than at home. Now, Nancy is living life to the fullest in her new senior living community. View the video above for the full story.

Kate's Story

Posted in Living Life on Purpose ® on October 20, 2020

When Kate and her brothers noticed their aunt, Marie, was struggling with everyday activities, they knew it was time to get help. Marie moved into a senior living community and soon became more alert, curious, and notably happier. View the video above for the full story.

Three New Perspective Women Star in The City of Fargo #MaskUpND Ad

Posted in Living Life on Purpose ®, News from New Perspective on October 8, 2020

Three of our New Perspective West Fargo residents starred in The City of Fargo's #MaskUpND campaign! Be sure to check out their fun video and mask up!

A New Perspective North Shore Success Story!

Posted in Health & Wellness, Living Life on Purpose ® on October 7, 2020

When Harriet first moved into New Perspective North Shore in March of this year, she was wearing three different braces to help support her head. In February, Harriet had been diagnosed with two deteriorating discs in her neck, which also affected the nerves in her arms and legs. Now, she feels stronger than ever with the help of Emily and Julie on the FOX Rehabilitation team at our community. We're happy to see you doing Read More »

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