Debunking Common Assisted Living Misconceptions

Posted in Caregiving on October 2, 2019

Assisted living can be a feasible option for many families. It gives seniors the opportunity to live their lives as independently as possible in a safe and caring environment, which makes a positive impact on well being. But often families hesitate to explore assisted living as an option for their loved ones, based on assumptions about what assisted living means.

In order to put families at ease and help seniors access the support they deserve. Here are a few explanations to the misconceptions about assisted living.

Does assisted living mean giving up independence?

On the contrary, one of the goals of assisted living is to help promote seniors’ independence. While help is available when necessary, an assisted living environment lets seniors lead their normal lifestyles for as long as possible. An advantage of assisted living is that the level of help can be customized for each senior, depending on his or her current ability levels.

Will my loved one be lonely in assisted living?

Assisted living communities provide seniors with a rich variety of social opportunities. Communities often facilitate weekly or monthly social outings to museums, restaurants and plays. This gives seniors the chance to develop meaningful friendships and interact with others. In addition, family members are encouraged to participate in daily life activities such as exercise courses & gatherings so there’s no need to worry about losing important family relationships!

What about safety in assisted living communities?

With trained staff on-site, assisted living communities are equipped to address safety concerns. Licensed communities must also keep fire alarms, sprinklers and carbon monoxide alarms on site and working 24/7. Some communities even have guards on the grounds for extra surveillance. Depending on a senior’s ability level, experienced staff members are available help with daily tasks that may pose risks to a senior’s well being.

Ultimately, assisted living services can greatly increase quality of life for seniors and family members.

Source: New LifeStyles; The Source for Senior Living