Life is for living, and where you live should only enhance that.

Our communities are vibrant, welcoming places that support whole-person well-being at every care level, from Independent Living to Assisted Living to Memory Care.

To live a life with purpose, surround yourself with people who make a difference. Together, our residents and team members bring joy to each day. Whether you’re looking for independent living, assisted living or memory care, our vibrant, welcoming communities and team members make it easy to stay active and socially connected. We invite you to check us out.

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Download this free guide today!

More than 9 out of 10 residents say they have a social life at New Perspective.

2020 Resident Satisfaction Survey of 782 residents

Celebrating Successful Aging

New Perspective senior living offers three service options: independent living, assisted living, and memory care. Knowing which is right for you or your family may not be easy. To help guide you through the process, you will find a variety of tools on our site to assist you in evaluating your senior living options. Better yet, visit one of our senior living communities and let our team help you through every step of the process. What is aging successfully? To most, the answer is simple. To stay independent, maintain mental sharpness and be physically capable of pursuing interests. But, how do we do that? Science has boiled down the answer to that question to four “pillars” proven to have the highest impact on successful aging: physical activity, mental stimulation, dining experiences that are nutritional and pleasurable, and to be engaged both socially and spiritually. We call them the “4 Pillars of Living Life on Purpose.” They’re the cornerstones of everything we do each day at our New Perspective senior living communities. Staying fit is critical to longevity and quality of life. Studies have shown that exercise not only keeps our bodies vital and fit, but it also produces neurons, which help our brain function better. Our brain is a muscle and like any that isn’t exercised, it will get weak, flabby and out of shape. To battle memory loss due to aging, we help our senior living residents strengthen neural connections. Aging research indicates that older adults who are socially engaged experience lower mortality risk, lower rates of depression, dementia and other cognitive impairments. Our focus on social activities helps our residents Live Life on Purpose. Connect with a New Perspective senior living community today and learn how we can help you live your best years on purpose!