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An active approach to everyday life.

Providing the wellness support you need.

Whether you’re fully independent or need assistance with daily routines, aging in place is easier when you stay active. With on-site workout facilities, a network of PT and OT providers, and on-site nurses, we’re ready to help you set goals and stay engaged.

Flexible care plans.

Even if you have no specific health needs now, extra help is always available if your situation changes.

Trusted providers.

Our partnering PT and OT providers are fully vetted and provide care on-site so you can focus on setting goals and making progress.

Classes and activities.

Our fun and engaging group fitness classes provide both physical and mental health benefits for residents of all abilities.

Did you know?

Better fitness = Better Health

A new CDC study connects increased activity to better health for those over 60*


Programs made personal.

Our personalized approach to health and wellness programs for seniors helps you get the most from each day.

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