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Welcome to "Living with Purpose," the podcast that goes beyond ordinary narratives to explore the extraordinary lives of those who live and work in senior living communities. Join our host, Todd Novaczyk, the visionary Founder and chairman of New Perspective, as he embarks on a transformative journey with remarkable individuals who have discovered the true essence of living life to the fullest.

New Perspective
Founder & Podcast Host
Todd Novaczyk

About New Perspective

The Inspiration for our outstanding memory care began when New Perspective founders Todd and Sherry Novaczyk invited Sherry's mother, Betty—then in the early stagies of Alzheimer's—to live with them. Determined to help her maintain independence, the family learned to find personal ways to keep her secure, socially involved, and engaged with life.

Over the 7 years Betty lived with the Novaczyks, they gained a new perspective on aging and senior living. They envisioned a place where the needs and wants of the residents come first—just as they had provided for Betty. That place is New Perspective.

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