Culinary Services

Our Dining Experience Sets Us Apart

At New Perspective, we pride ourselves on having enjoyable meals prepared for our residents each day. 

Our ingredients are fresh, and our team is deeply passionate about creating meals that offer comfort, joy and excitement with every dish. 

Come tour our communities and see for yourself. 

Chef-Prepared Meals

Our Culinary Team

Many of our culinary leaders have been classically trained and are highly accomplished in their field. They are dedicated to creating delicious, scratch-made meals to ensure you or your loved one have the best
possible dining experience.

Server with Mask Carrying a Tray of Food

We Use Brands You Know and Love to Make our Dishes From Scratch

“The food is wonderful. I can’t say enough about this wonderful option for seniors.”

Lynda Day

“The food is specially prepared by an amazing chef with a nutritious balance as focus…”

Roderick Johnson

“The food is good and balanced, so we don't have to make sure it's healthy because they do.”

Myron Huettl

“The food is excellent and I’m happy [my mother] has healthy options to choose from.”

Brian Konkler