New Perspective Senior Living Expands SafelyYou


New Perspective Senior Living Expands SafelyYou, Adopts Breakthrough SafelyYou Clarity™, Reduces Fall-related ER Visits to Incredible 2.8%

SafelyYou Clarity™ is an industry first, empowering communities to align labor to care plans and better meet residents’ needs

On average, 20% of falls for those 65 and older result in an ER visit, compared to New Perspective’s Remarkable 2.8% with SafelyYou

Reduced ER send outs resulting from falls prevent additional stress for residents and families and eliminate accruing costs for families and communities

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (April XX, 2024) – New Perspective Senior Living, a leading senior living provider dedicated to helping 10,000 seniors live with purpose by 2025, announced their decision to expand SafelyYou, the leader in empowering safer, more person-centered care across senior living through world-leading AI, industry-changing sensors, and remote expert clinicians.


New Perspective selected SafelyYou as a fall detection and prevention solution because they view innovation as core to their success, and wanted to partner with the leading fall technology company to address the critical issue of resident falls in senior living. They expanded based on the success they saw with the company, combined with the introduction of SafelyYou’s industry-changing innovation, SafelyYou Clarity™. Clarity enables operators to align labor to care plans, better meeting residents’ needs and making the most of staffing resources.


Fall-related ER visits reduced to an amazing 2.8%

95% of falls go unwitnessed, which makes it difficult to determine their severity. For senior living communities, this means erring on the side of caution and leveraging emergency services. This can result in unnecessary trips to the ER—with unnecessary expenses for families and operators. With SafelyYou Respond™, communities have video of each on-the-ground incident, enabling on-site staff to assess each fall’s severity and get residents the right care, right away. SafelyYou means unnecessary ER visits are reduced—and communities can reduce fall-related ER send outs—like the astonishing 2.8% of ER visits resulting from falls at New Perspective communities.


“Being able to see and understand how falls occur and accurately assess them is critical to getting residents the care they need,” said SafelyYou founder and CEO George Netscher. “SafelyYou not only means on-site staff are more efficient and effective in meeting residents’ needs, but it also means peace of mind for families knowing that mom or dad is getting the right care, plus less stress with not having that additional ER cost.”


Expanding with an industry game-changer

SafelyYou Clarity™ is next-gen AI that enables communities to align labor to care plans, making the most of resources and providing better-quality care as communities face staffing challenges. In a recent survey, 92% of operators said they were experiencing a staffing shortage. It also makes it possible for operators to measure when care is provided, every time—a first for the industry and a critical component for revenue optimization.


“We’ve been amazed by what we’ve seen with SafelyYou,” said Chris Hyatt, co-CEO of New Perspective. “We partnered with them because they’re a leader in AI, and they showed us why they outrank their competitors. We’re growing our partnership with Clarity, and we believe it will be a game-changer, driving operational efficiency, improved care quality, and staffing optimization.”


About New Perspective Senior Living

Founded in 1998, New Perspective is a family-owned company that develops, owns, and operates 40 vibrant senior living communities in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Missouri. Its foundational belief — that all seniors deserve to Live Life on Purpose® and age with dignity — was forged from the personal experience of Founder, Todd Novaczyk, and his family. For seven years, they cared for his mother-in-law, Betty Berkeley, in their home as she struggled to maintain her strong, independent spirit while coping with Alzheimer’s disease.

About SafelyYou

Originating in 2015 as the doctoral research of CEO George Netscher—and inspired by his own family’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease—SafelyYou was spun out of UC Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, one of the top five AI research groups in the world. The company’s passionate mission is to empower safer, more person-centered care across senior living through world-leading AI, industry-changing sensors, and remote expert clinicians.


SafelyYou is solving critical challenges in senior living, from resident falls and ER visits to staffing concerns, LOS, and NOI. All helping ensure that communities reach both their clinical and financial goals.


SafelyYou is used by skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities all across North America—from the largest national organizations to regional and local ones, too. SafelyYou is one of five most innovative fall technologies referenced in the Senate Falls Report (2019), a winner of the McKnight’s Tech Partner of the Year, and has been named to Fortune’s Impact 20 list.