Unexpected Generosity in Unprecedented Times

Caregiver holding elder hand.

By Colette Cleary, Sales Director at New Perspective North Shore
Since March, I have been shopping at a local Dollar Tree every few weeks to keep the community’s Country Store fully stocked and recently experienced something very special.
I got to checkout with my cart stacked high. The cashier, Michelle, and I chatted as she scanned each item. Halfway through checkout, I made a trip to my car in order to take out the first part of the bagged items—this way the rest of the bags would easily in the cart.
Shortly after I returned, Michelle scanned the last item and said, “This one’s on me.”  I gave her a puzzled look and asked, “The last item is on you?” to which she replied, “No, all of your items tonight are on me.” She then turned to grab a credit card and proceeded to pay for all of my items that night, which had come out to more than $170.
I asked her why and she said, “You come in here so often and I know the residents are needing everything you buy—even if some things are just for fun. This is something I can do for them too.”  I was floored (and still am) by her kindness and generosity. I thanked her and her manager profusely and headed out to my car to bring everything back to the community.
Great things happen when you least expect it and I will never forget the selfless generosity Michelle showed to me and our residents that night.