New Perspective Donates Masks to Family Clinics in Kenya

New Perspective teamed up with Minneapolis-based HealthStore Foundation to provide face masks for family clinics throughout Kenya and broader Africa. HealthStore Foundation operates Child and Family Wellness (CFW) Clinics, which not only provide accessible medical treatment in rural areas, but also training and support to run successful clinics and provide stable jobs for local community members.

Mary Sitaka, a nurse at CFW Clinic in Bumala, Kenya, has spent the last 13 years at the clinic. When the COVID-19 pandemic reached Bumala, Mary saw a decline in patient numbers, as patients gravitated towards larger hospitals or were afraid to visit the clinic, and struggled to obtain personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, which were needed for both the clinical team and their patients.  

New Perspective is honored to have provided masks for several CFW Clinics like Mary’s, as they continue to serve their community members throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Thank you to Akinyi Williams, the executive director at HealthStore Foundation, and her team for helping connect us with clinics in need.

Watch the video below to see CFW Clinics sharing their stories and receiving their masks: