Differentiating the Most Common Types of Dementia

Folded Hands Over Incomplete Puzzle of a Human Head

As a syndrome that causes memory loss due to severe changes in the brain, Dementia is heartbreaking for everyone involved. If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, their thinking and behavior can also be affected. Various treatments, such as medications and therapies, can help ease the symptoms of dementia. Depending on the type of dementia, your loved one’s

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Helpful Resources for Managing Money After Retirement

Figurines of a Senior Couple Standing on a Stack of Quarters

Whether you’re still living in your long-term home or are considering moving into an independent living community, life after retirement is meant to be enjoyable. You’ve spent numerous years in your career, and now it’s time to enjoy the activities and hobbies you love most. However, effective money management is a necessary skill to master so you can live fully

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5 Tips to Help Your Aging Parent with Finances

Mother and Daughter Looking at Paperwork

Managing finances can become more difficult as we age, which is why our parents and other loved ones may eventually need a helping hand. This conversation requires both a gentle approach and a plan. When helping or taking over your aging loved ones’ finances, the goal is all about avoiding any potential issues. Whether it’s tackling bills, protecting them from

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The Therapeutic Benefits of a Pet Companion

Dog Sitting Next to Senior

As your loved ones age, there are many things to consider. Is it time for them to join an independent or assisted living community? Where does your loved one find socialization and community? How can you help them improve their life?  You may be surprised at one of the most common things that gets prescribed for aging parents: animals. Aging

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How to Help Your Loved One Downsize for Their Move

Woman Sitting On Couch Surrounded by Packing Boxes

The move to assisted living can be a big adjustment for seniors, though often necessary for their health and well-being. Once your loved one has made the decision to move to assisted living, they will most likely need to downsize for their move. Helping them sort through their furniture and belongings will make the transition to assisted living that much

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Supporting Your Loved One in Assisted Living

Woman Talking on the Phone

Choosing to move a loved one or parent into assisted living can be a difficult decision. In times of change, life can be tough, or at least that’s how it seems. Often, the initial discussion about assisted living is the biggest moment of uncertainty and the toughest step. It’s best to include your senior in this conversation and stay focused

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The Cognitive Benefits of a Regular and Organized Routine

It’s no secret that routines help people of all ages. However, the older we get, the more apparent these benefits become. Unpredictability can create stressful environments, which is why having regular routines is so important. It’s one of the many reasons why assisted living is suitable for so many aging adults.  While aging can cause people to lose some of

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Hydration Benefits for Aging Adults

Senior Woman Holding a Glass of Water

Did you know the human body is composed of almost 60% water? Because of this, staying hydrated is a crucial component that keeps our bodies functioning correctly. Aging adults are more susceptible to dehydration, and unfortunately, it’s one of the most frequent causes of hospitalization for those over the age of 65. As you age, your body’s water content decreases

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6 Simple Ways to Settle into Assisted Living

Like any significant life change, the transition from living independently to an assisted living community takes some getting used to. It’s not uncommon for you or your loved one to experience worry and anxiety throughout the process. However, you’ll need to play an active role in the transition, so your loved one feels supported. Including your loved one in the

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Top Qualities to Look for in a Memory Care Community

Two Women Looking at a Book

Did you know nearly 8 million men and women are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia each year? That’s right – your loved one is not alone. Finding the right memory care community for your loved one is essential. Memory care communities offer specialized services and settings that benefit your loved one, from empathetic staff and enjoyable

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