Senior Living Center

Senior Living communities are a great option when you are seeking an alternative to home ownership after 55. Explore the many flexible options New Perspective Senior Living has to offer. We have some of the very best senior living centers in the Midwest spanning four states; including, Minnesota, North Dakota, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Find the New Perspective Senior Living center nearest to you by visiting our locations page. Not sure if a senior living center is right for you? Here are some luxuries that our residents at New Perspective Senior Living have to look forward to.

  • No Home Maintenance
  • Affordable Price

A New Perspective on Senior Living Centers

Owning a home can be a dangerous endeavor for an elderly person. From struggling to keep the property up to codes, cleaning the rooms, dealing with stairs, paying a mortgage without a source of income, to falling with no one around to assist you. All these problems can be taken care of at a senior living center. At New Perspective Senior Living we take care of all the maintenance concerns as well as the cooking and cleaning. However, if you find that you enjoy cooking or cleaning, we let you pick-and-choose the level of care you want to have. If you love creating new meals and experimenting with ingredients, we will let you handle the cooking. If you find satisfaction in giving the toilet a good scrub, we will let you handle that too. At New Perspective Senior Living you tell us how much you want us to handle. We offer many different forms of care, from 24-hour care to independent living where we do the things you do not want to and let you decide what you want. You can live in one of our beautiful senior living centers without relinquishing your independence.

Think this senior living center sounds too good to be true? It is not! On top of all the flexible options for care, it is also highly affordable. New Perspective Senior Living offers an affordability calculator to help you see how affordable a senior living center can be. You might be able to give up all the draining tasks of home ownership and upkeep for LESS than you pay now for your mortgage. That is right, give our affordability calculator a try and see for yourself what a great solution a senior living center can be. Not only do you get to decide how much care you receive, you can also save money by living with us. Spend your retirement years the way they are meant to be spent. Come live your life to the fullest at New Perspective Senior Living.