Apartment Living for Seniors: What You Need to Know

When considering the best home for your senior, it’s worthwhile to look into senior apartment living. Apartment spaces are just for college kids, young professionals, or newly married couples. They can be a great option for people in a wide variety of life situations, including seniors and elderly people.

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If you’re wondering, “What is a senior living apartment?” and “How can I find the best apartment living for seniors?” then we have some answers for you. Read on to learn more about senior apartment living.

What is a Senior Living Apartment?

A senior living apartment is a unit in a senior living community designed for elderly residents who want to maintain some independence while limiting their responsibility and adding more ease to their lifestyle. These apartments and communities often have added convenience and amenities, less maintenance than single-family homes, and offer plenty of senior-friendly activities with lower costs.

Apartment living for seniors is a great choice for anyone looking for independent living while wanting to downsize. They can make yard maintenance carefree so a senior doesn’t have to worry about cutting the grass, pulling weeds, or removing snow.

What Other Options Are There for Senior Living?

While senior apartment living is a great option, it’s not the only one available for seniors. Here are some of the most common community options for senior living:

  • Aging in place: when an older adult lives in their own home, with family, or simply updates their home to be more senior-friendly
  • The village concept: a way of linking neighbors and local businesses together to help care for a senior and allow them to stay in their homes as they grow older
  • A retirement community, assisted living facility, or nursing home: a place with professional staff who check in on seniors and help them maintain their quality of life
  • In-home care: a personalized service that allows a senior to continue living in their own home thanks to the regular visits of a caretaker

Pros of Apartment Living for Seniors

1. They’re Maintenance-Free

Apartment living is a great way for seniors to add more time back into their days. This is because they don’t have to spend their weekends tending the yard or making any necessary home repairs. If an issue arises, residents can contact their landlords to come and fix the problem while they relax, socialize, and engage in the fun activities they enjoy.

2. Extra Amenities 

Apartment living isn’t just convenient due to the lack of maintenance required. They also tend to have amenities that can enhance quality of life. Some have gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools, saunas, or even a golf course. Apartment living for seniors can increase quality of life not only through convenience but also entertainment.

3. They’re Usually Conveniently Located

When it comes to dining and shopping, apartments are usually located in the best areas. They tend to be close to the center of town with plenty of restaurants and shopping options to choose from.

4. Easier to Find Things to Do

Senior apartment living helps create a lot of opportunities for seniors they might not otherwise have. There are often schedules of activities that enable them to socialize, entertain themselves, and make friends. They can attend special events, participate in volunteer activities, or even learn something new with educational courses.

Plus, apartment communities are often much tighter than neighborhood communities. Seniors can get to know their neighbors more easily and find people who share similar interests.

5. Safety

Senior communities have a big emphasis on safety for their residents. That means safety both inside and outside the apartment. Seniors won’t have to worry about slippery surfaces or poorly designed areas. Bathrooms have safety features like grab bars and non-slip surfaces as well as emergency call systems to help keep residents safe.

Find Apartment Living for Seniors Near You

New Perspective offers various living options for seniors, including apartment living to help your senior maintain some independence in their lives. All of our communities are welcoming and full of supportive staff to make it feel like home. If you’re considering senior apartment living or have questions about a community, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact New Perspective today to request more information about our living options.