Retirement Properties to Rent

Retirement properties to rent can be fun to explore when you are ready to make the move. New Perspective Senior Living has locations all over the Midwest and we invite you to come explore all of them. You can start with the virtual tour on our website. We have fantastic locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and North Dakota. Our retirement properties are also highly affordable and easily accessible.

Retirement Properties to Rent

• All Over Midwest
• Highly Affordable
• Easily Accessible

Retirement Properties to Rent at New Perspective Senior Living

New Perspective Senior Living offers retirement properties to rent all over the Midwest. We have locations in the twin cities area of Minnesota as well as northern Minnesota by the Great Lakes and Duluth. Our Wisconsin locations vary just as much as the Minnesota ones do. We have locations in the Milwaukee area as well as by Lake Superior and Green Bay. Currently, we only have one location in Illinois and only one in North Dakota. However, we are always expanding and finding new great places to build our prestigious senior living properties. If you want to live in the big city and have lots to do, try one of our locations in the Twin Cities or Milwaukee. If you are someone who enjoys the quiet serenity of nature you might enjoy our great lakes locations where there are a lot of opportunities to connect with nature. Visit our website today to see which location best suits your needs.

All of the retirement properties for rent at New Perspective Senior Living are easily accessible. Everything is handicap approved and comfortable for seniors of all ages. We believe in taking the best care of our residents and ensuring that they are as comfortable as can be. We encourage living life to the fullest and want our residents to enjoy their retirement the way it was meant to be enjoyed. You won’t have to worry about owning a home or making ends meet

All of our locations are highly affordable. We even offer a free online affordability calculator. This user-friendly tool requires little work and even less commitment. You punch in a little information about yourself and your financial status and our tool gives you a fairly accurate monthly estimate. You can compare this with you current monthly spending habits. You may be surprised how affordable our retirement properties for rent are. There is even a chance you will save money. Visit our affordability calculator today to get a free estimate.