Independent Senior Living

Deciding to move on from being a homeowner and joining an independent senior living community is now the easiest decision you can make. With today’s plethora of options, you can find the perfect solution for you. A senior living community is an option for those who do not necessarily want all the responsibility of cooking meals and cleaning up the house along with advanced security and transportation options.
What are the benefits of independent senior living and who could benefit from them?

Someone who…

  • Enjoys planned social activities with other seniors
  • Does not need daily assistance but wants to have trained staff on hand for emergencies
  • Feels their current home is just too big for them to feel comfortable in
  • Wants the option to have home cooked meals without doing any of the work
  • Wants to maintain their ability to come and go as they please without assistance or permission

A New Perspective on Independent Senior Living

At New Perspective Senior Living, we take pride in knowing our residents can have the peace of mind they deserve as well as the independence they crave. There are many stigmas surrounding senior homes; choosing independent senior living is a great way to get the sense of community in a nursing home without all the rules. It really is the best of both worlds. There are non-mandatory activities planned for the residents of our independent senior living program that can introduce seniors to new friends that soon become like family members.

Our independent senior living option is great for seniors who do not need daily assistance and feel that their home is too big and too much work to maintain. Unlike nursing homes, our residents are completely independent and are free to do as they please. It is simply a more comfortable home and community for them to enjoy. The added security and assurance that friendly staff members are available 24/7 to help with emergencies or inquiries is a big selling point for our independent senior living program.