Affordable Senior Housing

Finding affordable senior housing does not have to be a challenge. If you are ready to move on from the expenses that being a homeowner brings, come visit us at New Perspective senior living. Stop struggling to keep up with required maintenance for a home. Discover affordable senior housing with New Perspective Senior Living. Wondering if senior housing is right for you? Let us show you how affordable it can be.

Retirement Living

New Perspective Senior Living offers an affordability calculator on our website. Let us do the math and show you how affordable our senior housing is. Insert your information and we will calculate your estimated monthly rate. Notice: This may be less than you are paying for your mortgage right now. Yes, you read that correctly. LESS than you are paying now plus all the amazing benefits of living in affordable senior housing.

Find Affordable Senior Housing

Owning a home means you must make sure it is taken care of. You have to call an electrician if your wiring goes haywire, you have to call a plumber if your sinks are going crazy, you have to call a roofing expert if your shingles start peeling off. All of this can be expensive and exhausting. Do not waste your time calling and paying people to make your home comfortable and livable. Make the move to an affordable senior home and let us worry about all that stuff. You should spend your retirement enjoying the life you have built. Live life to the fullest in our affordable senior housing.

Dread mowing the yard, raking the leaves, or shoveling snow? Never worry about it again at New Perspective Senior Living. Our affordable senior housing options allow you to sit back and leave the exhausting yard work to us.

Tired of cleaning the house every week when it just seems to get dirty all over again the next day? You will never have to lift a finger again in our affordable senior housing. We will take care of all the cleaning. With our flexible options you decide how much, if any, cleaning you would like to do.

Dislike the idea of cooking for just yourself? New Perspective Senior Living provides a variety of meals for our residents. We have something to fit anyone’s cravings. You will not have to worry about food going to waste and you will never have to wash a dish again. However, if you enjoy cooking for yourself and experimenting with new food, you are welcome to do that. We encourage you to do anything that makes you happy.