Senior Citizen Housing

Take the worry out of your search for senior citizen housing. If you are searching for alternative housing for an elderly family member or friend, we encourage you to discover New Perspective senior living communities. Maybe you need help with getting dressed, or struggle to clean the house, or need another form of assistance. Senior citizen housing might be the best option for you. New Perspective Senior Living offers some of the nicest senior citizen housing options in the Midwest. From Minnesota, Illinois, North Dakota, and Wisconsin; we have a place for everyone. We have a variety of flexible options, so you get just the kind of care you want and need.

  • Assisted Living
  • Independent Living
  • Memory Care

A New Perspective on Senior Citizen Housing

Struggle with small tasks? Assisted living is the choice for you. New Perspective Senior Living offers a selection of service that you get to pick-and-choose for yourself. We offer weekly housekeeping services, so you will never have to clean again, unless you want to. Three chef designed meals daily to meet every taste, so you will never have to cook again. We also provide personalized care plans for all the residents in our senior citizen housing. These can be as intensive or as lax as the resident chooses. If you simply need help getting dressed in the mornings, we will send in a friendly staff member to help you do so. If you struggle to remember to take your pills or if you have already taken them, we will regulate this for you.

Desire more independence? Then the independent living option is for you. We offer the same amount of flexibility for our independent living residents in our senior citizen housing. You will never have to do yard work again. You will enjoy housekeeping services at your request and the option to cook for yourself or eat with friends in the dining room. Our chef designed meals are splendid and will suit any taste bud; we have something for everyone to enjoy. You will enjoy living life to the fullest in our senior citizen housing without all the menial tasks that come with home ownership.

Battling with Alzheimer’s or dementia? New Perspective Senior Living offers an extensive top-tier memory care program. This allows our residents to experience life without forgetting to take medication and forgetting simple things that could cause harm. Our Memory care program includes 24-hour supervised care, housekeeping, three meals daily, and a variety of mind challenging activities. Explore our website for more information on which type of care is right for you. Our senior citizen housing is one of the best senior citizen housing options in the Midwest.