Making the Right Move

Senior Couple with Moving Boxes

Tips to Finding Senior Care and Housing that Fits. It’s human nature to take the time to find the right fit. You don’t just try on one pair of jeans, test drive one car or tour just one house; you tirelessly explore all your options until you find the one. Why would you do anything less? It’s hard to truly

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Best Places to Eat in Minneapolis for Seniors and Special Diets

Empty Bar Tables with Menus

With so many options, it can be hard to agree on the best restaurant in Minneapolis. There’s no question that finding good food is easy if you plan to dine out. But how do you find local restaurants in Minneapolis with plenty of options for someone with dietary restrictions? Our residents love to go out to eat with loved ones

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Get Out and Explore: Outdoor Activities in Minneapolis

With warm weather and sunny skies, get out and enjoy outdoor activities in the Twin Cities. If you are coming in for a visit, find some outdoor activities to enjoy your stay and explore the city. Or if you are local and looking for something new to do with your loved ones, consider trying one of the many outdoor things

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Milwaukee Walking Trails for Senior Residents

Summer is the perfect time of year to get out and explore Milwaukee trails for walking and hiking. If you are in Milwaukee visiting a loved one at one of our senior living communities, consider going for a walk or hike. Staying active can help seniors improve relationships, improve memory, and reduce the risk of depression. Check out our list of

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Best Places for Seniors to Eat in Milwaukee

Like most Midwest, blue-collar towns, Milwaukee is home to many restaurants serving classic American food and meals. However, up-and-coming chefs bring new culinary perspectives to restaurants across the city. Specifically, more and more of the best restaurants in Milwaukee offer healthier, seasonal menu items. Fresher food gives senior diners with restrictive diets more delicious options when eating out. Our New

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Changing Diets As We Age

Senior Couple Cutting and Blending Fruits and Vegetables

Make sure to eat enough fiber: Fiber helps lower our risk for heart disease, control our weight and prevent Type 2 diabetes. Whole grain bread and cereals, beans, peas, fruits, and vegetables are all fiber-rich foods that should be included in our diet every day. Get enough Vitamin B12: Most of us do not get enough B12 in our diets. B12 is

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Need a break? Consider Respite Care.

As McDonalds so succinctly told us, “You deserve a break today.” If you’re the primary caregiver of your elder loved one, you undoubtedly understand the sentiment.  But how does one take a ‘break’?  The answer is Respite Care! Respite Care for the elderly is a short-term stay at a senior living community. While often used by seniors who are recovering from

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The Joys of Traveling with Seniors! Best Ways to Travel with Elderly

Two Senior Couples Looking at a Map

Truly one of the greatest joys of our lives must be traveling. Getting away from the daily grind of our lives and exploring new places, meeting new people or just becoming one with a stretch of open sandy beach.  There is a palatable euphoria that happens when you toss a few essentials into a suitcase, turn your out-of-office response on

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