Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me the price of your one and two bedroom apartments?

In order to give you an accurate price estimate, we need to know more about what you’re looking for. We would love to show you the rooms we have available and to provide pricing based on the apartment and/or amenities for which you have an interest. Please contact us to discuss your individual situation.

Can you take my loved one to medical appointments?

We do not provide transportation to appointments; however, we do have a community van that is used to transport residents to events outside of the community. In addition, there may be other commercial transportation options to available to explore for transportation to medical or other appointments such as ride sharing programs that we can assist in coordinating.

Do you accept pets?

Many of our communities are pet friendly.  Please contact the community in which you have interest to learn about their specific pet policies.

Can you support specialty diets (i.e., diabetic, gluten free, low carb)?

Outside of a regular, no added sodium diet, our communities offer mechanically altered diets as prescribed by a physician.

Can my loved one bring their motorized scooter?

Yes, we allow motorized scooters at our communities.

Can my loved one have a drink in their room in the evening?

This is our residents’ home. Assisted living residents may partake in adult beverages as they wish. Residents who reside in communities with a pub have the additional opportunity to enjoy a beverage during happy [or social] hour.

Do you have a doctor my loved one can see who comes to the community?

Our communities have independent rounding physicians and rounding physician groups who come onsite to see their patients. Depending on the community, these include primary care physicians and, in most communities, podiatrists. Some communities also have audiology and ophthalmology providers who come onsite to serve our residents. This comes in handy during the cold winter season.

Do you have internet access and cable television in the apartment?

Yes. Each apartment is wired for cable television and has internet access.

Can my loved one make accommodations to their apartment? (i.e., paint walls, install grab bars, raised toilet seat, etc.)

Our residents’ apartment is their home. Modifications to the apartment to make it just right are in most instances doable with the advance approval of the executive director and an agreement to return the apartment to its original condition.

Come see what makes us special.

If you’ve started the process of finding the right senior living solution, how do you find the right setting and care where your loved one will thrive? With so many options from which to choose, it means starting your search understanding your needs for a senior living community. Your search should be narrowed to those senior communities that are committed to helping your parent or loved one age successfully. That means, in addition to the quality of care, you should be evaluating the social atmosphere, the quality of food and the commitment to maintain mind body and fitness.
There are many important factors when choosing a senior living community as your parent or loved one’s next home. Ultimately what is most important in choosing a senior living community is that it feels friendly, safe, and comfortable. What is your gut feeling? The bottom line is that the right facility for you is the facility where you feel most at home. This is a personal preference. Would you prefer a smaller, cozier environment or would a larger community bustling with activities be more fitting? Deciding when to move to a senior living community is right for your loved one can be a difficult decision. How does a person know the time is right? Luckily, it’s not a decision you have to make on your own. Usually there are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to have a conversation with them. While all the statistics and evidence point to a more fulfilling lifestyle in an independent living community, the decision is still a difficult one for so many seniors and their loved ones. Indeed, you may go through a myriad of emotions. You might feel angry or embarrassed that you are unable to maintain your current home. Or, maybe you are grieving the loss of a home filled with memories. Or, the thought of leaving everything you know can make you feel vulnerable and anxious; like you’re losing control of your life. Whatever emotions you might be feeling, please know they are completely normal. But we also want you to know you are not alone in this. For many seniors, a move to independent living has opened a wonderful new chapter in life. A chapter filled with new interests, new friends and greater, yes, greater independence.