Expert Culinary Tips For Elevating Holiday Desserts

Expert Culinary Tips For Elevating Holiday Desserts

As posted on CBS 58 Newsroom.

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) — As the holiday cooking season quickly approaches, it is time to start preparing recipes and methods.

Michael Davis, who oversees the culinary division of New Perspective, a Midwest-based senior living company, joined us on Monday, Nov. 13 to offer insights into fall dessert favorites and tips for home cooks.

Davis, a veteran chef with experience in high-end culinary settings, now focuses on enhancing the dining experience in senior living communities. He emphasized the importance of creating nutritious, great-tasting meals to bring people together and foster social connections, while highlighting several desserts from New Perspective’s menu that can be replicated at home.

These include customizable quick and easy scones, a pumpkin spice cheesecake with a Grand Marnier sauce, a fruit-laden lemon bar, a rich seven-layer bar and a unique cake bomb.

For more information, visit New Perspective’s website by clicking here.

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