The Joys of Traveling with Seniors! Best Ways to Travel with Elderly

Truly one of the greatest joys of our lives must be traveling. Getting away from the daily grind of our lives and exploring new places, meeting new people or just becoming one with a stretch of open sandy beach.  There is a palatable euphoria that happens when you toss a few essentials into a suitcase, turn your out-of-office response on in your email and lock your front door. You are free, at least for a while, to just have fun.  Senior traveling is the largest, and fastest growing, segment of the travel industry. One look at the plethora of blog sites devoted to baby boomer adventures and it’s easy to see why we are known as the most active retirees in history.  Check a few of these sites out: Getting on Travel is dedicated to luxury boomer travel. Reviews of 5 start hotels, exclusive cruises, and dream destinations fill this blog with tantalizing adventures.  Whether they are time traveling with horses on Mackinac Island or sipping their way through the epicurean delights of Tualatin Valley, this blog will surely entice you to a new adventure Want something a little less decadent?  Check out A Taste for Travel – showcasing the best of Mexico, the Caribbean, southern Europe and North America, this blog is a must for those who want to explore food, drink and sunny destinations. Adventures of Empty Nester’s is a fabulously written senior travel blog that is as informative as it is funny.  Written by Suzanne Stavert, this quirky site captures their gourmet foot trips, vibrant destination and sumptuous digs to help motivate your midlife inspirations.  The “My Epic Adventures in Bangkok” post had me laughing for days – and booking flights to mimic the adventure. Whether you are looking to scale the Matterhorn or test drive every margarita bar in Cancun, your next adventure is just around the corner.