Technology Can Brighten Seniors' Lives

Posted in Corp Site, News on July 10, 2018

How digital engagement gives new purpose to residents, differentiates your business.

by Ryan Novaczyk, President/CFO - New Perspective Senior Living
As published in Seniors Housing Business - July 2018

Every senior citizen should live a life of purpose, on purpose, no mat­ter their physical or cognitive condition. This is the vision that drives me every day as president of a senior living company. But here's the catch: Conventional, one-size-fits-all engagement activi­ties leaves too many residents out of the equation, especially those expe­riencing memory loss, depression or a sense of isolation. We needed a way to personalize engagement in our communities and break free of the status quo. Purposeful living, after all, means being empowered with choice and control over your own life. So, in December 2017, we began implementing senior-centered digital engagement tech­nology throughout our commwuties in the Midwest.