Benefits of Physical Therapy for Seniors

When we think of physical or occupational therapy, we often think about it as a follow-up to a specific surgery or injury to regain mobility and strength. What many don’t realize is physical therapy can also help seniors gain back lost strength and once again do daily tasks that had become difficult. Whether it’s doing one’s own hair or walking to dinner unassisted, regaining these moments of independence can help seniors continue to live life on purpose.

At New Perspective, we offer on-site physical and occupational therapy in each of our communities through our partners, Odom Health & Wellness and FOX Rehabilitation. In conjunction with our therapy gyms, these services have helped seniors accomplish incredible physical goals and make strides in confidence. Check out this success story from one of our communities:

From bedridden to buying lipstick

Mary Jo, a physical therapy assistant at New Perspective Eagan, recently helped a resident who would spend all day and all night in bed, never leaving her apartment. In the past, this resident enjoyed wearing jewelry and doing her makeup, but long since stopped due to physical limitations. Mary Jo worked with her for a few months, watching her progress little by little until the resident displayed an enormous breakthrough!

The resident did her own makeup, made herself feel presentable, and journeyed down to the dining room on her own. That same week, she boarded the bus and went to Target to buy herself pink lipstick. The Life Engagement Manager quickly took notice, and reached out to Mary Jo, thanking her for “giving her back one of her favorite residents.”  

Odom’s partnership with New Perspective helped this resident not only gain her strength and freedom back, but also her confidence. She can now get ready on her own, move around as she wishes, and be the person she most enjoys being.

Recovering from isolation

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been growing concern for physical decline in seniors who developed sedentary lifestyles while isolating at home. Loss of muscle mass and balance not only prevents these seniors from living their lives with the freedom they enjoy, but also potentially increases the risk of falls. To reverse these effects, many seniors are considering senior living communities like New Perspective. With the on-site therapy gyms and physical/occupational therapy services, numerous daily activities, group exercise options, and a community of like-minded people, our residents feel encouraged to continue achieve their personal goals.

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