Lighthouse Resident Gardener Participates in Garden Walk

Meet Michael Miller, Lighthouse of Silvis’ Resident Gardener –
“I moved into the Lighthouse on February 1, 2009. The only thing I brought with me from home was fifty gladiola bulbs. When spring came in April, I inquired if there was some place on the grounds that had room for them.
I was delighted to learn there was a kidney shaped garden plot near the flag pole, that was available. I had moved in during the winter months when everything was covered in snow, so I had never seen the plot, but when I did, I realized it would be a good spot.
During the summer of ’09, I put in some annuals and then realized I would need to get perennials so I did not
have to do that every year. In October, I planted yellow daffodils across the front of the garden and put in a bunch of
mixed Dutch irises. Six years later, those daffodils and irises are still there. Now in front of the gladiolas, I have a ring
of yellow coreopsis. I have also included three sensational bearded irises. Finally, last summer I included five different
color zinnias.
In the fall of 2014, Lighthouse management gave me access to another garden spot, the fifteen feet in front of the Lighthouse Captain
carving. In October, I planted twenty-two purple Dutch irises and a ring of thirty five yellow and peach daffodils along the front border.
I also added 60 purple and pink mixed tulips along both brick borders of the Captain. They were supposed to all be purple, so when they bloomed, I was surprised to see they were mixed with pink. The colors turned out to go very well together. All three, irises, daffodils and tulips were a nice success this May. In mid-May of this year, I planted five more colors of zinnias along with two lovely yellow daisies and three geraniums. In addition to these two garden spots, I also have five dahlias planted around the flag pole.
Both gardens were just topped off with a layer of red cedar mulch.”