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Everyone can expect to experience cognitive changes as we age. In fact, beginning as early as our twenties adults will start a slow cognitive decline. The pace and depth of this decline is different for everyone. But, perhaps you’ve noticed your loved one is experiencing difficulties with memory, language, thinking and judgment that are greater than the normal age-related changes, but they don’t show other symptoms of dementia. Often this is diagnosed as Mild Cognitive Disorder (MCI). If that describes your loved one, we’d like to introduce to you Vivid Living at New Perspective.

Vivid Living is a neighborhood within New Perspective that has been developed to specifically meet the needs of those coping with the effects of MCI. The individualized goals of Vivid Living are to help each resident move through the day with gentle cuing and the application of our 4-Pillars to make every effort to stave off the disease’s progression.

What makes Vivid Living so special is the Life Engagement Coach (LEC) who moves through the day with a small group of residents. The day starts with the LEC personally reviewing the daily calendar of events and activities and continues as the LEC engages and cues the resident in all that life at New Perspective has to offer. Not only does the LEC help coordinate each resident’s day, but they typically participate in the activities right alongside the residents, as well.

We also know a safe and secure environment is important. That’s why we created Vivid Living as a calming setting where 24/7/365 help and support is just footsteps away.

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Four Pillars for Living Life on Purpose

We created our Four Pillars as a foundation for aging successfully and purposefully. Through physical activity, mental stimulation, nutritional dining experiences, and social/spiritual engagement, we are establishing a new perspective on senior living.

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