Post-Retirement Money Management: Financial Planning Resources for Older Adults

Whether you’re still living in your long-term home or are considering moving into an independent living community, life after retirement is meant to be enjoyable. You’ve spent numerous years in your career, and now it’s time to enjoy the activities and hobbies you love most. However, effective money management is a necessary skill to master so you can live fully regardless of your age. There are a variety of resources to help you manage money after retirement. The following are just a few of the most popular books, podcasts, and blogs to assist you in the preparation process.


Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income, Personal Finance for Seniors

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to live in a way that isn’t enjoyable, and Sitting Pretty on a Fixed Income: Personal Finance for Seniors is here to help you recognize exactly that. You’ll learn a variety of valuable tips and tricks to help you save and spend smart while living well after retirement. Whether it’s effective money-saving strategies or learning how to maximize your Social Security payouts, this book has a little bit of everything.

The Savvy Senior: The Ultimate Guide to Health, Family, and Finances for Senior Citizens

Jim Miller’s The Savvy Senior: The Ultimate Guide to Health, Family, and Finances for Senior Citizens is based on the various questions he gets from aging adults just like you for his well-known newspaper column “The Savvy Senior.” In this book, he takes important topics even further. From finances and social security issues to caregiving and living trusts, you’ll read about a little bit of everything in an informative yet humorous way.

Managing Money in Retirement: Get the Most Out of Your Comfort Years

Planning for retirement and managing money after retirement doesn’t need to be complicated. People of every age find these two topics challenging. Dallas L. Salisbury and Marc Robinson created Managing Money in Retirement: Get the Most Out of Your Comfort Years so that aging adults have access to a helpful resource that doesn’t require hours of reading. From smart money management tips and useful questionnaires to online investments and living debt-free, each topic is written in short, clear explanations so you won’t be left with questions.

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free

Have you been wondering how you can enjoy a well-rounded, full life after retirement? Ernie J. Zelinski’s How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free is a retirement book that’s packed with inspirational advice surrounding some of the most pertinent topics. Finances tend to be top of mind when it comes time to retire, but you’ll also need to focus on all other aspects of life as an aging adult. Zelinski’s book will help you become financially knowledgeable and ensure you have a happy life after retirement.

How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide

Jane Bryant Quinn created a resource for aging adults to utilize to help prolong the life of their retirement savings. It’s not unusual to worry about whether you’ve saved enough or if your funds will run out – especially if you reside in an independent or assisted living community. With Jane Bryant Quinn’s How to Make Your Money Last: The Indispensable Retirement Guide, you’ll discover a new way of looking at your retirement savings so you won’t need to worry about running out of money.


The Dave Ramsey Show

Individuals of every age have likely heard of The Dave Ramsey Show at one point or another. You will listen to numerous individuals ranging in age and personality call into Ramsey’s show to get advice on their unique situations. Ramsey speaks on a variety of topics surrounding debt, savings, retirement, and more. As an aging adult, this podcast may help you take control of and understand your personal finances after retirement once and for all.

Stacking Benjamins

Joe and his crew on the Stacking Benjamins podcast have been working to make the topic of finance more interesting and enjoyable since 2012. Not only will this podcast help you make your life and bank account richer, but you’ll learn about a variety of new ideas, technologies, and concepts that allow you to create the financial future of your dreams.

The Clark Howard Show

Unfortunately, many aging adults are targeted with consumer rip-offs, scams, and more. The Clark Howard Show offers easy tips to help you avoid these scenarios while providing practical advice to help you spend less and keep more of your money. Howard’s recommendations are straightforward and easy to digest, meaning you can reach your retirement money goals fast and continue living a financially healthy life for years to come.

The Pineapple Project

Financial topics can be underwhelming to listen to at times, especially if you don’t fully understand the content. If you’re looking for more of a light-hearted podcast that intertwines money management with humor, The Pineapple Project is the perfect option. Host, Nazeem Hussain, eliminates the confusing financial speak while still providing informative information surrounding money matters. For aging adults in particular, there are episodes speaking on the psychology of money, budgeting, investing, and debt.

Work Life Money with Ross Greenwood

Making the transition into an independent or assisted living community is a substantial life change and can raise some questions. Work Life Money with Ross Greenwood is the perfect resource for aging adults interested in learning about and exploring common financial issues, from housing affordability and budgeting to taxes and care plans. Greenwood is an Australian financial analyst who has contributed financial reports to various top newspapers, radio stations, and live television.


AARP’s The Perfect Scam℠

While this blog is also a podcast, it can help have the content available to read as well. AARP’s The Perfect Scam℠ shares stories about various people who have found themselves to be the target of a scam or consumer rip-off. Aging adults are targeted with scams and consumer rip-offs more often than many think. Bob Sullivan gives a firsthand glimpse into everything scams, from how scammers operate and how you may be affected to tips and tricks to avoid them altogether. Click HERE to visit The Perfect Scam℠.

Squared Away

In 2012, the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College hired veteran finance and economics reporter, Kimberly Blanton, to share her knowledge through Squared Away. Squared Away is a personal finance blog that is easily digestible and discusses various topics that Blanton believes future and current retirees should be focusing on. Whether you’ve wanted to gather a deeper understanding of today’s stock market or the Affordable Care Act, Blanton has gathered information on these relatable subjects to help  aging adults worldwide have a successful retirement. Click HERE to visit Squared Away.

The Smarter Wallet

Through The Smarter Wallet, you’ll learn the views and opinions of various contributing writers well-versed in everything finance. These finance buffs focus on consumer topics and offer different practical financial tips that you can choose to incorporate into your life – or not. The Smarter Wallet is a blog you can turn to if you want to hear from individuals of every age that have discovered effective ways to get more for their money and have come to share their knowledge so you can make every dollar worth more too. Click HERE to visit The Smarter Wallet.

Consumerism Commentary

At times, people are more successful with goals if they’re being held accountable, and Luke Landes did exactly that with Consumerism Commentary. Starting in 2003, he developed this personal finance blog to track his own finances publicly, and to say it worked isn’t even the beginning. Landes and his team share weekly articles surrounding everything finance, from saving and spending to investing and financial stability. Consumerism Commentary is not only informative, but inspiring. Click HERE to visit Consumerism Commentary.

Wise Bread

Managing your personal finances correctly and practicing a frugal lifestyle can help your retirement funds last impressive amounts of time. Wise Bread is a blog that features writings from multiple people dedicated to helping you live happily on a small budget. Whether it’s learning what travel reward credit cards are most profitable for your travels or discovering budget-friendly meals for one person, Wise Bread offers various topics that help you eliminate the need to sacrifice your financial independence. Click HERE to visit Wise Bread.


A lot goes into a successful retirement, and sometimes it’s helpful to have a resource that can break everything down for you. RetireGuide offers information, tools, and services for retirement planning that make the entire process approachable. Whether you really want to know “What is Medicare?” dig into Retirement Income and Investing, or try out the Medicare Simulator, RetireGuide can be a helpful resource for you. Click HERE to visit RetireGuide.

Enhance Your Life After Retirement

Life after retirement is supposed to be an enjoyable period when you can spend time doing the activities and hobbies you love. Whether that be snowbirding to a warmer area, taking painting classes, or traveling with family and friends, effective money management will help you achieve these goals. If you’re approaching retirement and hope to move into an independent or assisted living community, learning how to manage your money will also prepare you for these expenses. Start preparing to enhance your life after retirement today – you won’t regret it.