Companion Suites Lessen Loneliness

When New Perspective team members are working with families seeking a new home for an aging loved one, many people are surprised to learn about companion suite options. In this arrangement, one resident shares an apartment and its costs with another resident. This setup has several benefits and can help a loved one thrive in their golden years.

Addressing Loneliness

First and foremost, companion suites help address a major health concern: loneliness. Researchers say loneliness can be as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes each day, and studies show around 45% of the senior population is impacted by these feelings of isolation. A companion can help provide a much-needed connection in one’s older years.

Apartment with granite countertops, place settings, a living room, and a washer/dryer.

Making the Transition Easier

Our caring team members do everything they can to make new residents feel welcome. Companion suites can also help these older adults and their families with the transition to senior living. Residents don’t need to worry about being on their own in a new, unfamiliar place. If and when a resident is ready to have their own space, there is always the option to transfer to a single room in the future as they become available.

Living Life on Purpose

When you visit New Perspective, you’ll hear us talk about the importance of helping older adults Live Life on Purpose. Companion suites are another way we’re giving residents a purpose. Through this arrangement, it becomes natural for companions to help each other out, which provides them the added purpose of caring for someone.


Because some age-related expenses can be unexpected and costly, families appreciate the economics of this arrangement. Benefits like increased opportunities for socialization and having another person in the room to help a loved one put families’ minds at ease, which is priceless.

Apartment with bed, bathroom, closet

Openness With Others

People who move into senior living may keep to themselves at first as they adjust to this new living arrangement. Sharing an apartment with someone else gives them a mutual connection right away. Residents are able to share advice, be there for each other during tough times and open up about their feelings. This can translate into more openness with family and friends.

The caring team members at any of our New Perspective locations would be glad to help answer any questions you have about companion suites. The team understands the importance of personal connections in our communities and can offer guidance based on your loved one’s unique needs.