Tiered Approach to COVID-19 Restrictions

Striking a Balance

Our response to COVID-19 has always sought to strike the right balance between preventing the spread of the illness and maintaining a vibrant community that has open dining rooms, engaging activities, and visits from loving family and friends.

The pandemic, along with its corresponding health department restrictions, affects our buildings and the counties in which we operate differently. As such, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work well. What is a constant, however, is the critical importance of mitigating the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. For those reasons, we have adopted a tiered approach to relaxing and implementing restrictions to our programs like visitation, communal dining, activities, and outings.

Defining the Tiers

To find the right balance, we have designed a tiered pandemic response program. Tier 1 offers the least amount of limitations to our programming, while tier 2 implements additional restrictions on visitation, activities, communal dining, etc. While we are responding to this pandemic, placement in tiers will be fluid and it is conceivable that communities will find themselves moving in and out of tiers. Our COVID-19 Response Committee assigns tiers after careful analysis of multiple data points. These points include, but are not limited to, county positivity and infection rates, current and past COVID-19 cases in or associated with the building, and the spread rates of non-COVID-19 infectious diseases like influenza. Tiers will be reviewed at least weekly—more frequently if the situation warrants.

Preparing Yourself to Visit

Prior to visiting, please read about the community’s current tier and how it affects visitation. Below is a summary of each tier and links to more detailed information. Click the links if you would like to read additional details about the two tiers. Check this Tiered Approach to COVID-19 Restrictions page before each of your visits.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your community directly for more information.

Color Key:

Tier 1:

  • Some restrictions on visitation
  • Some limitations on in-person tours
  • Communal dining with physical distancing
  • Activities held for small groups

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Tier 2:

  • Additional restrictions on visitation
  • No in-person tours
  • Communal dining may be suspended
  • Activities are permitted for individuals only

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Columbia Heights
Highland Park
Minnetonka (Carlson Parkway)
North Shore (Brown Deer)
Prior Lake
Sun Prairie
Twin Ports (Superior)
West Bend
West Fargo