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4 Pillars of Living Life on Purpose

What is aging successfully? To most, the answer is simple. To stay independent, maintain mental sharpness and be physically capable of pursing interests. But, how do we do that? Science has boiled down the answer to that question to 4 “pillars” proven to have the highest impact on successful aging: Physical activity. Mental stimulation. Dining experiences that are nutritional and pleasurable. And, to be engaged both socially and spiritually. We call them the 4 Pillars of Living Life on Purpose. And, they’re the cornerstones of everything we do each day at New Perspective.


Physical Fitness

Staying fit is critical to longevity and quality of life. Studies have shown that exercise not only keeps our bodies vital and fit, but it also produces neurons. And, neurons help our brain work better.

Keeping our residents engaged is very important to us. That’s why we’re always coming up with fun ways to get your body moving, daily: yoga, dance classes, group fitness, walking clubs, even senior-inspired fitness equipment that tracks your progress and adjusts automatically as you improve.* Imagine participating in water aerobics or just relaxing in our 93-degree warm water pool.* Ahhhh. No matter what your body is like, we’ve got activities everybody will like.

*Available at select communities.

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Brain Fitness

Our brain is a muscle and like any muscle that isn’t exercised, it will get weak, flabby and out of shape. To battle memory loss due to aging, we help our residents strengthen neural connections.

Each day, we provide activities and games that engage both the left brain and the right brain. Start your day at an interactive, touch-screen memory station, then join an art class to develop your latent creative abilities (we have residents whose art has won blue ribbons at regional and national shows). Engage in Music & Memory and let your favorite music unleash the power of your brain and exercise your memory. Put your thinking cap on and finish the day taking in an educational seminar or daily current event discussion.

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Social/Spiritual Enrichment

People were not meant to be alone. Sitting in front of the TV and watching Judge Judy or Leave It to Beaver re-runs makes for lousy companionship. This pillar appeals to our residents’ social side.

Aging research indicates that older adults who are socially engaged experience lower mortality risk, lower rates of depression, dementia and other cognitive impairments. Our focus on social activities helps our residents Live Life on Purpose. The social calendar is filled with something for every interest from museum and concert outings, art classes, Bible studies, book clubs, guest speakers, church services, bridge tournaments, Holiday events… Need we say more? Alright, how about billiards, bonfires, movie nights, musical guests and more. There’s no getting bored at New Perspective Senior Living.

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We know the importance of eating healthy. But as we grow older, it seems our dining habits kick nutrition to the curb. Our chefs blend wonderfully tasting cuisine with good-for-you choices to promote successful aging.

We pride ourselves on using fresh ingredients to create meals made from scratch by our chefs. Just reading our menu is enough to make you hungry – and your guests jealous. What’s your pleasure? Pan-seared salmon? A freshly-made entrée salad? Perhaps you’d prefer a gourmet burger and craft beer in our pub. Or, how about a Starbucks® latte or smoothie in the café? And, you’ll start the day right because breakfast is always made to order.

Dining options vary by location.

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