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As a part of our Clean.Safe.Engaged. commitment, New Perspective is taking steps to promote a healthy and safe environment while residents remain active and social in a vibrant, welcoming and supportive community.
New Perspective. Clean. Safe. Engaged.
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Cleaning, Protection and Monitoring

Our protocols are intended to protect our residents, team members, and visitors. Our Clean. Safe. Engaged. approach includes:

Woman With Mask Disinfecting

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Hand Hygiene
Our team members and residents are trained in proper hand-hygiene protocols. We have hand sanitizing stations at entrances and throughout the building.

High-touch Surface Cleaning
Our commitment includes thorough cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces. For example, we use Bioesque botanical disinfectant, a natural, safe, and effective thyme-based cleaner that kills COVID-19 in under a minute and Norovirus in 4 minutes while also sanitizing soft surfaces and eliminating allergens. This all-natural cleaner is safe around people, while killing the viruses, bacteria and other bad stuff we don’t want here with us.

Electrostatic Disinfecting
Use of electrostatic equipment is another key part of our safety protocols, helps ensure sanitizers come in contact with and adhere to surfaces during spraying for more thorough cleaning.

Clorox, Lysol and Bioesque Solutions


Personal protective equipment (PPE): As part of our Clean. Safe. Engaged. commitment, we follow the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance recommending use of face coverings to limit the spread of viruses.

Female Doctor Arms medical Procedure Closeup


We have an entire team of people devoted to caring for our residents, so we notice changes – such as a shift in mood, energy level or appetite – that may be a sign of illness.

Timely Updates
We stay informed about the latest developments and health updates from the CDC, state, and local health authorities.

Safety and cleanliness procedures at each community may be adjusted in consideration of health department requirements and guidance.

“Thank you for all you are doing for our mom, the residents, and your staff. We are worried about her and miss seeing her, but feel she is in the best place she could be. Thank you!”

Family Member of Resident, April 2020