New Perspective Senior Living Selects It's Never 2 Late to Connect Senior Residents with Caregivers, Loved Ones

New Perspective is the first senior living company in the country to adopt iN2L as a complete resident engagement solution throughout their communities

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DENVER, Dec. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — New Perspective Senior Living has selected It’s Never 2 Late® (iN2L) to provide senior-centered digital engagement technology throughout its 21 communities in Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

New Perspective residents and caregivers will have access to the full breadth of iN2L systems. These include iN2L Engage, which supports the company’s continuously updated library of personalized engagement content, and iN2L Focus, a tablet that allows caregivers to reach seniors where they are, regardless of physical or cognitive abilities. In all, nearly 200 systems are scheduled for implementation, as gateways to iN2L’s vast applied content library.

Preview iN2L Focus here.

Residents use a touch screen to easily access and “favorite” educational, spiritual, and social content personalized to their unique preferences, as well as their level of cognitive, physical and technical ability. Accessing e-mail and web cams to connect with family and friends, participating in mind-stimulating activities and improving hand-eye coordination.

The senior-friendly design makes it easy for residents, even those who have never used computer technology before, to stimulate their intellectual curiosity, prompt joyful memories and stay connected with the people in their lives—individually, in group settings or one-on-one with caregivers. Additionally, the mobility of technology, like the Focus tablets, enables caregivers to take the technology where the resident is—an apartment, common area or favorite cozy corner of the community.

“iN2L represents a unique opportunity for all our team members to provide ongoing, personalized engagement with the seniors in their care,” said New Perspective President & CFO Ryan Novaczyk. “In addition, iN2L enables our team members to create operational and workflow efficiencies, improve resident wellbeing and differentiate us in a competitive market. I anticipate that iN2L technology will be utilized in a large majority our life engagement activities occurring in the communities every day.”

For caregivers, iN2L personalizes engagement with residents and aids in care workflow through device settings configurable for each senior. iN2L also supports initiatives to improve memory care, mitigate the effects of boredom and loneliness, and modify negative or unhealthy behaviors.

The technology implementation will impact nearly 2,000 senior residents in 21 New Perspective communities in the Twin Cities and Duluth, Minnesota; Fargo, North Dakota; Green Bay, Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin; and the Quad Cities in Illinois. New Perspective plans to distribute and train caregivers on iN2L Focus tablets in December, and stagger the rollout of the Engage platform, enabled on 70-inch and 23-inch monitors, over the course of several months.

“We’re excited to partner with New Perspective in its mission to put their residents first and create an environment of positive engagement and social connectedness,” said Tom Bang, CEO of iN2L. “Over the past two years we have redesigned our product platform and service offerings to better enable staff and families to reach the people they care for wherever they are with iN2L’s vast content library. Ryan and his team are the first in the country to adopt iN2L as a complete engagement solution throughout their communities. Together we will help bridge meaningful engagement among caregivers, residents and their loved ones, critical to purposeful living.”

About It’s Never 2 Late

It’s Never 2 Late® (iN2L) is an award-winning developer of digital engagement technology for senior living community residents, with over 2,500 installations in the United States and Canada. The company’s picture-based, touchscreen interface provides easy connectivity to the Internet, including video chat and e-mail, regardless of users’ physical and cognitive abilities. Additionally, iN2L’s media library offers more than 4,000 social, educational and spiritual content options, as well as games developed specifically for individuals with cognitive challenges. Residents can realize the full benefits of interactive technology while reducing isolation, increasing cognitive stimulation and enhancing independence. For more information about iN2L, visit their website. Access case studies, research, testimonials, and our blog on our Ideas & Insights page. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About New Perspective Senior Living

Founded in 1998, New Perspective Senior Living (NPSL) is a family owned company that develops, owns and operates vibrant senior living communities in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Illinois.  Its foundational belief — that all seniors deserve to Live Life on Purpose® and age with dignity — was forged from the personal experience of Founder and CEO Todd Novaczyk and his family.  For seven years, they cared for his mother-in-law, Betty Berkeley in their home as she struggled to maintain her strong, independent spirit while coping with Alzheimer’s disease.

Today, New Perspective Senior Living operates 21 senior living communities serving over 2,000 seniors through Independent LivingAssisted Living and Memory Care options, with a goal to be serving 10,000 seniors by 2025. Based in Eden Prairie, Minn., the company has won multiple awards including Top Assisted Living Facility, Best-of-the-Best Dining Experience and Top Workplaces. In addition, Todd Novaczyk, was recently profiled in the Senior Housing News, The Leadership Series, while Ryan Novaczyk was just named to 50 for the Next 50 by Leading Age of Minnesota


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