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A New Perspective on Assisted Living

Assisted living is the right choice for people who want or need a little more help with the activities of daily living—things like cooking, showering, dressing or taking medications. We’re dedicated to helping seniors remain as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Sure, we all want to live life on our own terms. But there comes a time when you or a senior loved one must come to terms with the limiting capabilities of aging. That’s where our assisted living services come in. You’ll start with a spacious apartment. Then, you’ll layer in the amount of help and support that is needed and desired. We provide our care on an ala carte basis—the decision is yours on how much help with activities of daily living is needed. Prior to move-in, we’ll develop a personalized plan that meets your needs while providing you with the freedom to do what you can for yourself. Toss in the many daily activities New Perspective Senior Living has to offer and start Living Life on Purpose, again. Our assisted living services are built around the Four Pillars so that our assisted living residents not only live an engaged life, but they age successfully, too.

We also know a safe and secure environment is important. You can have the confidence in knowing that 24-hour help and support is just footsteps away.

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4 Pillars and Assisted Living

Physical Fitness

Staying fit is critical to longevity and successful aging. Engage in a group fitness activity, or time with a personal trainer. There’s something to get you moving regardless of your ability.

Brain Fitness

Our brain is a muscle that can get weak, flabby and out of shape. Join a current event discussion, take in a guest speaker or start the day at a memory workstation.


People were not meant to be alone. This pillar appeals to our residents’ social side. Join a few special interest clubs, take in a weekly worship service or meet for the afternoon happy hour.


For us, the dining room is an extension of the social pillar. You and your friends will savor our chef’s blend of wonderfully tasting cuisine with good-for-you choices to promote successful aging.

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