How Independent is an Independent Living Community?

There comes a time when aging adults no longer want the responsibilities of lawn care, household chores, and upkeep. When many reach this point, the conversation regarding an independent or assisted living community begins. But what is the difference between the two, and how much freedom will you have at an independent living community? By moving into an independent living community, your independence will be preserved, so you can spend time doing the activities and hobbies you love. In fact, independent living communities have continued to grow in popularity for adults 75+ across the United States as these neighborhoods remove the burden of everyday responsibilities.

Independent Living: 101

An independent living community consists of housing arrangements designed exclusively for older adults. These neighborhoods allow you to live independently with access to various amenities, activities, and services. Older adults that require minimal assistance can benefit from an independent living community as the burdens of home maintenance, cooking, and daily chores are removed. Independent living communities range in type, but the most common is a tiered or continuing-care community:

Tiered or Continuing-Care Communities

At times, an independent living community may be appealing, but you may be uncertain as to how long you’ll be able to remain independent. Certain communities offer higher tiers of care, meaning you will move from independent to assisted to fully skilled nursing care without the requirement of relocating later on.

Why Do Adults 75+ Choose to Move?

Older adults around the country have chosen to move into independent living communities for multiple reasons, such as wanting a more leisurely life with less responsibility. Independent living communities offer simplicity, freedom, and increased social opportunities. You’ll have access to a variety of amenities, activities, and services after moving into an independent living community.

  • Social events
  • Dining services
  • Recreational activities
  • Transportation
  • Wellness facilities
  • Concierge services
  • Housekeeping
  • Lawn care
  • Elimination of homeownership
  • Private security
  • Cable and internet access

Preparing for Independent Living

Preparing to move into an independent living community is actually quite simple, there are just a few details you will have to organize to help the process go smoothly. As years go by, it’s common for everyone to acquire belongings. Moving into an independent living community usually means you’ll have to downsize, but this can be a fun time for extended family as memories and significant belongings can be dispersed. Organizing a moving day plan and utilizing a financial planner will also be helpful in the preparation process. You should be excited about moving into an independent living community, and strategizing financials will help your move go seamlessly. Each neighborhood ranges in cost depending on the regional location, but accumulated retirement funds from years of saving will support you.

How to Choose an Independent Living Community

Every aging adult’s needs vary, and that’s what makes each of us unique. Independent living communities across the country offer varying amenities and activities, which is why it’s essential to take your time when selecting a location. There are many aspects for you to consider when visiting the independent living communities you are considering, such as:

  • People: Connecting with other peers in an independent living community is vital as you should always feel comfortable. It’s recommended to visit multiple independent living communities and take time to interact with other residents and staff to make sure it’s a good fit.
  • Activities and amenities: Every independent living community is different when it comes to offered activities and amenities. You have hobbies and interests that you enjoy, so reviewing what’s provided will be a driving force in the selection process.

The Bottom Line

Independent living communities help eliminate the burden of household chores, lawn care, and upkeep while preserving independence. Older adults around the country have chosen to move into independent living communities to get assistance with cooking, cleaning, and other responsibilities and spend more time focusing on the hobbies and activities they love. These spaces allow you to live among your peers, participate in organized social events, and still have the freedom you enjoy. If you’re ready to move into an independent living community, we encourage you to complete our online form or call the New Perspective team at (866)-986-0215 today.