December 31

Holiday Eating, Part Two


Start the New Year right with these suggestions for holiday feasting. You might even want to add these to your list of resolutions for better eating all year long!

#1 Balancing Act:  Planning to sample that tasty cake on New Year’s?  Prepare for a treat by cutting back a bit on “filler-foods”.  Don’t skip the real food—protein, vegetables, fruit.  Just watch some of those empty carbohydrates, like white bread, rolls, juice, snack bars or soda.  Leaving those out on the day you plan to enjoy holiday food will help balance the extra calorie load—and will help balance your blood sugar.

#2 Take Time.  Time either drags, or, more often, runs like sand through our fingers.  When approaching these holiday feasts and treats, be sure to take time to really enjoy the sight, smell, and taste of the food you are eating.  Slowing down helps to fix the memory of the event, reduces stress and aids digestion.  Take time to enjoy the memories of similar treats from earlier occasions, and take time to make new memories as you enjoy fellowship with friends and family.

But keep those memories in your mind—not just your camera!  When you really focus on the event or image before you, you will remember it better than if you view it through that camera lens:

Want to Remember Something? Don’t Take a Photo!


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