Highland Park Assisted Living Facilities

Beautiful Highland Park Assisted Living Facilities

At our Highland Park assisted living facilities we offer beautiful senior living options in the heart of Saint Paul, Minnesota. Located along the Mississippi River and in the heart of the Twin Cities, our facilities are in the center of attractions, stunning walking trails, restaurants, and much more.

Whether you need to go shopping, want to walk along the river, or have a medical appointment – you will enjoy the convenience and ease of living your life. We have shuttles available to drive you wherever you need to go, as well as skilled staff members who are trained and passionate to take care of our residents.

How You Can Live Your ‘Life On Purpose’ at Highland Park Independent Senior Living

Whether you enjoy watching movies, meeting fellow residents for book club meetings, or having dinner in our cozy dining area – we have your every need and interest covered. Our carefully planned menus, calendars, and fitness activities will improve your life in every way possible.

Do you often find yourself stressed about completing everyday chores and tasks that take up most of your time? One of our core ideas at Highland Park independent senior living is to give you back the time you can spend doing the things you enjoy in life – while leaving the worrying to us.

Time is one of the most valuable things we have, which is why you should be spending it well – and to the fullest extent. Our staff members including chefs, nurses, caregivers, and maintenance staff are there to take over essential tasks to help you live your life on purpose.

Come See For Yourself

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