Is Independent Living Right For Me

While all of the statistics and evidence point to a more fulfilling lifestyle in an independent living community, the decision is still a difficult for so many seniors. Indeed, you may go through a myriad of emotions. You might feel angry or embarrassed that you are unable maintain your current home. Or, maybe you are grieving the loss of a home filled with memories. Or, the thought of leaving everything you know can make you feel vulnerable and anxious; like you’re losing control of your life. Whatever emotions you might be feeling, please know they are completely normal. But, we also want you to know you are not alone in this.

3 Myths About Independent Living

For many seniors, a move to independent living has opened up a wonderful new chapter in life. A chapter filled with new interests, new friends and greater, yes, greater independence. Here are three myths we’d like to dispel about senior living.

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Living in a retirement community or senior apartment means losing independence.


On the contrary, you’ll have your own living space to furnish as you wish without the hassles that come with it. You’ll also maintain your privacy and independence, while taking in all of the activities you may have been missing while living alone. The doors to your apartment lock and are controlled by you. You should feel at home and absolutely secure.


Moving away from my family means no one will be around to help when needed.


New Perspective Senior Living communities have built-in safety and security measures along with 24-hour staff, designed to reduce the worry that often comes from living alone. Features are in place to respond quickly in the event that you need someone to help you. From hanging the smallest picture to a more pressing medical need.


Moving to independent living means giving up my favorite hobbies and activities.


You’ll find that living in an independent living community will likely mean you’re busier than when you were living on your own. And, it likely means you will find others that enjoy the very same hobbies and activities that you like. New Perspective offers a variety of clubs and programs that appeal to a variety of interests. What’s more, doing your favorite activities with someone else can reduce the isolation you may have felt when living alone. And, you might find a new, enjoyable hobby to do with friends.

Tips for Making the Transition to Independent Living Easier

  • Decorate your new home. Hang familiar pictures and make sure you have space for your most important possessions—a favorite armchair or treasured bookcase, for example.
  • Pack well in advance of the move. Don’t add to the stress of the actual move by putting yourself in a position where you’ll need to make hasty decisions about what to take and what to discard.
  • Socialize. While you may be tempted to stay in your apartment you’ll feel comfortable much quicker if you get out and meet the other residents, participate in activities, and explore the amenities.
  • Go easy on yourself. Everyone adjusts to change differently, so give yourself a break, no matter what you’re feeling. However, if you feel like you’re taking longer than you think you should to adjust, it may help to talk to your family members, a trusted friend, or a therapist.
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