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As you weigh the costs associated with a senior living community, you may be surprised to learn that many older adults spend more money living alone in their own home by paying separately for a mortgage, rent, utilities, groceries, home care or transportation. This affordability calculator will show you just how affordable a senior living community can be. Simply plug in your expenses and let the calculator do the rest.

Monthly Expenses

Rent / Mortgage
HOA Average
Home or Renter's Insurance Average
Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewer, Trash Removal, Snow Removal) Average
Property Tax
Telephone and Cable Average
Yard Care and Landscape Maintenance Average
Housekeeping, Laundry, Home Maintenance and Repairs (plumbing, electric, roof) Average
Transportation (gas, insurance, maintenance, taxi service) Average
Recreation and Entertainment Average
Three Meals Daily Average
Exercise, Health and Wellness Programs Average
24-hour Emergency Call Service Average
Full-time Activities Staff, Bathing, Dressing and Personal Care Assistance Average

Sources:, Angie’s List Member Survey, Freddie Mac, HomeAdvisor,, Leichtman Research Group, CNBC, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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Green means it is likely less expensive to live in a senior living community.

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