Nursing Home

Are you looking for a nursing home for you or a loved one? We recommend checking out New Perspective Senior Living. Our nursing home facilities have many care options for senior living! We have communities across the Midwest that specialize in Independent Living, Memory Care, Assisted Living and Customized Care Plans.

  • Independent Living
  • Memory Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Customized Care Plans

A New Perspective On Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can be filled with wonder and joy. Have fun engaging in activities where you get to meet seniors and make new friends. Explore a nursing home atmosphere that is caring and inclusive for all their residents. The staff members we employ are not only trained to be nursing home assistants; but they are filled with a desire to truly care for their residents. They enjoy engaging residents in meaningful conversations and activities. They are always willing to help residents with any task with dignity and kindness. We offer many senior living options.

The independent living option is ideal for senior citizens who are not ready to move into a nursing home but are looking to make the transition from their current living situation. New Perspective Senior Living offers an independent living option because they understand how important the freedom to roam can be to senior citizens. This option is ideal for seniors who need very little help and are ready to transition from the stress of caring for their independent homes.

The assisted living option offered at New Perspective Senior Living is ideal for senior citizens who are not fully dependent on a care giver. The assisted living option is perfect for the senior who can be mostly independent but still needs help with small tasks; such as, showering, cooking, and dressing. Its these small things that become too much for an aging family member to handle. Having a lovely staff member there to help out would be a big relief.

The memory care options offered are perfect for someone who struggles with dementia, or Alzheimer’s. These diseases can be overwhelming for care givers and seniors alike. New Perspective Senior Living offers nursing home options that keep residents happily active throughout the course of the day. We also offer programs like music and memory. This is a way to help seniors remember things with musical cues.