Independent Living

Have you ever considered independent living communities? Not ready for a nursing home because you do not need around the clock care? Tired of taking care of a whole house by yourself? Cooking, and cleaning can be a lot for a senior citizen living alone. Thankfully, there are solutions to your problems! This is a type of senior living that is available that allows you complete freedom to come and go but takes away the everyday stresses that come with home ownership. It may be the ideal option for you! New Perspective Senior Living offers many independent living options to its residents. Here are some things that make independent living a good option for you.

  • Don’t need 24-hour care?
  • Don’t want to feel trapped in a nursing home?
  • Don’t want to take care of maintaining the house?

A New Perspective on Independent Living

At New Perspective Senior Living you are offered the opportunity to be completely independent for
yourself. You are free to come and go as you please without having to ask permission. We offer non-mandatory social activities with our other residents that can improve your social skills and build friendships with like-minded individuals. We also offer transportation services. If you find it difficult or scary to drive, we can take you and your new friends where you need to go.

Even though you are fully independent does not mean that you might not want to cook or clean for yourself. Our caring staff members will clean and maintain your apartment or room for you as well as make home cooked meals in the dining room for you and your friends. You can freely choose to be as independent as you want to. The rules in our independent living program are lax and allow you to pick-and-choose what you want. This ensures that you can enjoy your retirement the way it was meant to be enjoyed. Visit our website today to see how we can help increase the quality of your life.